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Is CCNA a good certification?

The CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Associate) credential has risen to the top of the most sought-after IT credentials list. Acquiring appropriate abilities to keep pace with today’s rapidly evolving networking landscape is the major objective of this certification. The CCNA credential is a testament to your ability to advance your knowledge of networking fundamentals. 


The Cisco Certified Network Associate, also known as CCNA, is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious certifications available worldwide. This certification focuses on network security. This associate-level certification in SPOTO and IT networking helps applicants advance their professional careers by opening doors to better employment with higher salaries.


Choice of CCNA Specialisations –


Once you’ve earned your CCNA foundational certification, you have the option to concentrate on one of three areas, each of which will provide you with a wealth of career-enhancing information, skills, tools, & resources. Three options are available: 


Troubleshooting & monitoring network devices are:

  • Part of the CCNA Security certification process.
  • Ensuring network and data integrity.
  • Integrity and availability.

Security administrators, network security specialists, and network support engineers can benefit from a CCNA Security credential. 


Voice over IP (VoIP), IP PBX, handsets, voicemail systems, and call control are all included in the CCNA Voice certification exam. A CCNA Voice specialist can work as a manager, admin, or engineer in various roles. 


Configuring, installing, and maintaining wireless local area networks (LANs) is the focus of the CCNA Wireless certification. A WLAN project leader or a wireless service specialist can work with a CCNA Wireless certification. 


Is CCNA valuable? 


Are CCNA certifications worthwhile for network engineers? Yes, of course, it is valuable.


  •     Demonstrate your eligibility as a candidate. 


Research conducted by Cisco and Forrester Consultants shows that training and testing programs are essential in recruiting and hiring employees for specialist networking positions. In addition to a four-year education, professional certifications are the second most important qualification for work. The percentage of candidates with a CCNA certification was 49 percent, while candidates with a bachelor’s degree were 51 percent. 


  •     Indulge in an Unparalleled Learning Environment –


For the first time, a social network is being used for learning in the Cisco Learning Network. This is a Web 2.0 group that includes wikis, blogging, document sharing, and much more. Training and certification, virtual labs for testing new ideas in the corporate world, job advertisements for companies wishing to hire, employee referrals and more can all be found on the network. A profession in networking can be pursued by anyone, no matter their degree of expertise or experience. 


  •     Knowledge and Experiential Wisdom –


You’ll gain a lot of knowledge & experience during the process of obtaining your certification. Even if you’ve been in the industry for a long time, you may always learn something new that will assist you in advancing your career. Several advances in the sector can be observed through the certification procedure. 


  •     Aiming for a Better Job 


There are many benefits of adding credentials to your portfolio or CV. As long as you have the CCNA certification, you’ll be able to get work practically anywhere. You never know; you might even get a raise if you get certified. 


Other Certifications Based on CCNA certificate –


In addition to CCNA, CCNA Cybersecurity, CCNA Voice, & CCNA Wireless, you can now earn CCNP certifications if you have a CCNA certificate. If you have a valid CCNA certification, you may also be eligible for six credits at several colleges and universities.


Provides Advantages to the Employer 


Ask any company out there, and they will attest to the fact that trained experts are able to get employment in the highly competitive industry of information technology. If you have a certification in a certain field, it demonstrates to potential employers that you are knowledgeable and skilled in that field. 




Because of the ever-increasing complexity of networking technologies and the anticipated global shortage of competent networking specialists, you have more than enough motivation to get your career in networking off the ground. Training for the CCNA certification can be found on the Simplilearn website. This training is provided by certified professionals with many centuries of relevant work experience.

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