Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 17 May 2022

WEF Are at It Again, Dreaming Up a Dystopian Society to Benefit the Very Few – “Them”

In February, the World Economic Forum (“WEF”) psychopaths published another of their wish lists describing their vision for the world.  This publication documents their hopes for “advancing digital agency.”  As usual, the theme is to rid the world of free human beings and replace them with something of their creation and under their surveillance and control.  On their website, the WEF boldly states:

“In this Insight Report, the World Economic Forum’s Taskforce on Data Intermediaries explores the potential to outsource human decision points to an agent acting on an individual’s behalf, in the form of a data intermediary.

“Levers of action for both the public and private sectors are suggested to ensure a future-proof digital policy environment that allows for the seamless and trusted movement of data between people and the technology that serves them.”

WEF’s boldness in declaring its intent should be of concern to everyone.  And, we should be asking who is their technology serving and in what way?

Until the judgement is handed out it’s difficult to know whether WEF proponents will be deemed as sane to suffer the full force of the law, or whether they will be let off lightly and declared mentality incapacitated and sentenced to retirement in a high-security asylum under 24/7 surveillance – possibly by the very mechanisms and technologies they are dreaming up hoping to control all of us.

Either way, they will not escape judgement in one form or another.  If the law of the land – common law, for example – does not prosecute them, natural law will.  And natural law’s judgement stands for eternity.  Those who belong to WEF’s little club of criminal psychopaths have a better chance of a more lenient sentence under the prevailing law, which they are corrupting to suit themselves, and wisdom would advise they hand themselves over before it’s too late.  However, wisdom is not one of WEF’s guiding principles.

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