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How to Find Personal Essay Help?

The top-level academic performance takes a toll on college students’ lives. It takes sustained effort, excellence, and discipline to achieve high grades. Of all the different tasks, essay writing is a major ingredient of academic life that students manage regularly.


Students are sometimes forced to stretch themselves to the limit due to ever-increasing workloads and academic requirements. Research shows that a heavy workload negatively affects their academic performance and overall attitude toward learning.


Students often need help to meet the college requirements and deadlines on time and without compromising quality. Read my tips below to see how you can find the best services you need to avoid punting the ball. 

  • Read reviews

If you wonder, “who can help me with my essay?” I can reassure you that there is no shortage of such services available online. Your goal is to pick the top one, and you need good advice to be able to do so. Make sure to read unbiased, evidence-based reviews of the essay writing services you are considering for personal essay assistance.


Pay attention to the criteria reviewers use to assess the quality and effectiveness of the provided services. Opt for those that offer the best combination of price, quality, and delivery time.


  • Check samples

Some essay writing companies provide sample essays for your review. It is always handy to have them available for your review. They give you an indication of the kind of quality you can expect from the website.

  • Review the policies

Don’t jump the gun by placing your order no matter how urgently you need your essay to be completed. A careful review of the company policies always pays off. Read through the policies on confidentiality, plagiarism, money-back guarantee, revisions, and dispute resolution. 


If any company policies do not seem right, you better avoid working with the service provider. It will save a lot of time, headache, and extra expenses. What’s more, you won’t need to hire another service to complete the essay for you.

  • Check if you can chat with the assigned writer

Some online services put you in touch with the assigned writer. This enables you to chat with the writer to check up on the progress and to provide any required clarification. Through your exchange of messages with the writer, you can also gauge the degree of his or her professionalism. 


Sometimes, essay writing services cheat by assigning a less qualified writer. Even if they can write college essay to a satisfactory level, they might not be best placed to write your personal essay. By communicating with the writer directly, you can verify their credentials by assessing the quality of responses and revisions. 

  • Make sure you provide the necessary information

Last but not least, you need to provide all the necessary information to the writer while leaving out any extraneous details. Include all the critical pieces of information, such as a description of your skills, areas of expertise, achievements, learning and working styles, and your overall aspirations. They will serve as the essential building blocks of a solid, compelling, and attention-grabbing personal essay.

Final Thoughts

Finding an advanced professional writer can be tricky. Do proper research of the essay writing services and their reviews to find one that matches your needs best. See if you can get a hold of samples to assess the degree to which they satisfy your requirements. 


Don’t forget to provide all the necessary details about your skills, strengths, and aspirations to the writer. Cut out any extraneous details that might confuse the writer or force him or her to include irrelevant information in the final essay. 



Joanne Elliot is a professional writer with vast experience in providing essay writing services to thousands of students worldwide. Her services are always in high demand. Joanne collaborates with several online publications. She provides useful recommendations to students seeking help to complete their college assignments on time and to the highest academic standards. 

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