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Scotland: A Second Letter to MSP on How the Government Abuses the General Public

After months and months of evidence-based “correspondence” with British MPs, Douglas Brodie of Nairn, Scotland, finally got a response.  We previously published the second half of Brodie’s last letter which began:

“Many long hours of careful research have led me to conclude that the government has weaponised Covid, climate change and now war for ulterior motives which I believe are not at all in the best interests of you personally or the wider general public.”

The response was more of an acknowledgement really, as Douglas Ross MP and MSP, Leader of the Scottish Conservatives, didn’t actually say anything in response.

Unperturbed, nay envigored, by a little nibble, the tenacious Brodie, followed up. And this time, he really did not pull any punches.

How the government abuses the general public – follow up

Dear Mr Ross,

Thank you for your brief acknowledgment of my recent email on the tyranny the UK government is inflicting on the general public and the fearmongering psychological warfare techniques it is using to blind the naïvely-trusting public to its nefarious hidden agenda.

I am pleased to say that my colleague Joel Smalley has posted my email on his Substack. The comments beneath it are very supportive, including one from ex‑Pfizer vice president and chief scientist cum whistle-blower Dr Mike Yeadon who I reference in my final paragraph. He kindly says: “This is among the most important articles written since early 2020”. Dr Yeadon gives an extremely damning testimony to the Reiner Fuellmich Grand Jury crimes against humanity trial HERE (“the vaccines are toxic by design… the entire thing is a fraud”).

You decline to engage in discussion of your government’s tyrannical policies because you know it could expose the establishment’s criminal Covid “plandemic” (© Fuellmich), just as the Westminster government has declined to appeal the recent High Court ruling which found that the care home pandemic policy was unlawful “after 40,000 residents died of Covid in a year”.

That report is itself an example of establishment skulduggery. The truth is that these innocents didn’t all die of Covid. Acting on covert government instructions, health authorities conspired and fiddled the cause of death attributions to make it appear so. Most victims were “euthanised” using toxic drugs such as midazolam, morphine and remdesivir or other inappropriate treatments or were killed by the vaccines, as testified by expert witnesses to the Fuellmich Grand Jury trial HERE and most chillingly HERE by a funeral director from Milton Keynes.

These testimonies are supported by this care home whistle-blower exposing what she describes as the murder of care home residents while the country was in lockdown, by this Daily Exposé study and by this UK Column report (from 44:00) on “fast track” end of life care plans.

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