Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 15 May 2022

China Claims Widespread Lockdowns Will Help Global Economy

China’s state-run Global Times on Thursday claimed outsiders misunderstand Beijing’s increasingly bizarre “dynamic zero-Covid” strategy, and fail to appreciate how China is somehow saving the global economy tomorrow by brutally locking down cities, shuttering factories, and snarling supply chains today.

“As China battles its worst COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus] outbreak since 2020, its zero-COVID strategy has been repeatedly accused of undermining the global economy. It is a short-sighted viewpoint that will, ultimately, add more uncertainty to the global economic recovery,” the Chinese Communist paper pontificated.

After rambling on for a while about how “dynamic zero-Covid” is not actually the Moby Dick obsession to achieve an impossible standard of zero Covid cases it appears to be, but actually an extremely clever and highly nuanced program to “curtail the viral transmission at the lowest possible cost,” the Global Times dismissed critics as “short-sighted.”

“Some of them are just trying to smear, denigrate and undermine China. Whoever bets that China is at risk of a self-inflicted recession will suffer the consequences of their mistakes,” the editors sneered.

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