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Smart Water Bowl Requires Pets Be Microchipped or RFID Tag Attached to Collar

There are significant health risks associated with exposure to all sources of RadioFrequency (RF) Radiation aka wireless Wi-Fi radiation and Electromagnetic Fields aka “Electrosmog”.  There are also government agencies worldwide that warn constituents about this but not in the U.S.  In fact, last year, a federal court ruled in favor of organizations and petitioners that sued the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for NOT adequately protecting Americans from wireless radiation exposure (including 5G).  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) isn’t doing anything to protect Americans either.

Research has determined that exposure affects animals too.  Keep that in mind before you buy anything “Smart” and/or wireless for your beloved fur children.

This smart water bowl keeps track of how much your cats are drinking (or not).


Tracks drinking habits. Wide, shallow bowl. Doesn’t need to be plugged in. Easy to set up.


Batteries not included. Needs a separate hub. Made of plastic. Expensive.

We all need to drink more water. For humans, there are apps and even smart water bottles to keep us on track. For our pets, it isn’t as easy. We can encourage them to drink more by keeping water fresh and away from food and litter, but if we aren’t watching their every move it’s hard to be sure they’re drinking enough. And forget trying to answer a vet asking how often they drink.

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