Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 13 May 2022

MP Calls on the Government to Properly Compensate the Vaccine Injured

Conservative MP Sir Christopher Chope has taken on the unenviable mantle of championing the cause of the vaccine injured in Parliament and to a Government that seems to want to pretend the problem isn’t there. He has a piece in ConservativeHome today saying things are finally moving, but the situation is still far from adequate.

The Government accepted that COVID-19 vaccines might cause serious harm to some people when it decided to bring COVID-19 vaccine damage within the ambit of the existing Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme (the “VDPS”).

But ever since, it has been stalling on addressing those who have claimed. Not a single one of over 1,300 claims has yet been decided, not even those in which a coroner’s verdict has determined that the vaccine was the cause of death. It is intolerable that the Government is failing those people who did the right thing, were vaccinated, but then suffered serious harm or bereavement as a result.

I first raised the issue in Parliament last June, when I presented a Private Members’ Bill. This was briefly debated in September, when I called for an independent review of disablement caused by COVID-19 vaccines and better compensation arrangements for those who have suffered. Since then, I have received hundreds of emails, often with harrowing reports from the families and friends of those who tragically died or continue to suffer severe injury or life-changing consequences.

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