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Robots And People Getting Closer Through Romance And Relationships

As robots and and humans grow increasingly closer, we’re starting to form all kinds of relationships with machines.

Are you and your phone platonic or are you turning into a machine yourself?

Nearly 84% of the global population is in possession of a smartphone and they’re becoming something we can’t live without.

“We’re already a cyborg,” Elon Musk told Kara Swisher. “You have a digital version of yourself, a partial version of yourself online in the form of your emails, your social media, and all the things that you do.”

Musk’s statement tracks with what roboticists have found in studies about human-robot connections.

Robots as an extension of humanity

Robots are everywhere – in just one morning, a person might use a coffee maker, electric toothbrush and iPhone before leaving the house.

Depending on their function, appearance and experience with the robot, people value robots with varying intensity.

In a study of military personnel and advanced robots, Dr Julie Carpenter found soldiers “frequently described the robot as ‘my hands’ or otherwise as a physical extension of themselves.”

Robots become more than tools to the soldiers they “serve” with – bots are given characteristic names, and the ones that are destroyed in combat are given a soldier’s burials, complete with 21-gun salutes and eulogies.

This concept of projecting human attributes onto an object is called anthropomorphization – and its visible with robots and humans that have been through fewer traumas together than military robots and human soldiers.

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