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iMind — the Best Video-Conferencing Service According to Customers’ Reviews

iMind is a technological video conferencing platform for video conferences and chat for business. Many people use this video-conferencing service for communication, study and business. Web conferencing capabilities enable simplified video conferencing and messaging on any device. The iMind developers continuously improve the quality of the technology stack.

What capacities are proposed by iMind? proposes capacities in virtual reality for personal communication, study and business. The main of them are:

  • simultaneous screen sharing;
  • use one-time keys instead of passwords;
  • has a free plan for all user;
  • reliable encryption of calls and personal data;
  • the ability to control which of the participants comes to the conference;
  • high quality of HD video and audio;
  • has background noise suppression;
  • there is an option of conference recording;
  • online chat for business;
  • it is possible to create up to 10 rooms for free in the Free plan.

The iMind conferences allows multiple participants to share screenshots simultaneously, speak up and discuss many questions. The simultaneous screen sharing supported the manager to understand the working styles of every participant.

iMind ensures the confidentiality, protection and reliability of conferences and personal data through special encryption. For example, if you communicate from a public unsecured Wi-Fi network and the call is intercepted, attackers will not be able to view and listen to it due to encryption.

The main reasons iMind is the best video conferencing platform

iMind has many reasons to be the best video conferencing platform. The main of them are:

  • it is easy to create a meeting room: users enter the name of the room and get a link;
  • it is easy to join the meeting and to talk: simply follow the link;
  • participants can use itin a browser;
  • customers can set up the volume of participants;
  • there is an option of conference recording;
  • users can record multiple conferences at a time in different rooms in Pro plan.

This is surely the service where participants can discuss work processes and tasks irrespective of time zones and locations with reliable connectivity. Also it has a user-friendly interface with easy navigation, functions and features.

How to get started using iMind?

Getting started on the platform is very simple. You can log in to any browser. It is recommended to use browsers of the last two versions. You can use the platform directly through the smartphone browser.

You can use iMind without registering by simply following the invitation link. Registration provides additional functions: organising conferences, recording calls, creating rooms, generating the same links-invitations.

What are the reviews of users about the platform?

A lot of users write good reviews about the iMind platform. They like best:

  • high quality and security;
  • easy to use;
  • online chat;
  • simple and accurate functions;
  • attractive user interfaces.

Despite the fact that iMind is a young video conferencing platform, it is actively used for small busisnesses. Online chat is very useful and it helps to solve many work issues remotely. iMind users like good video quality. According to G2, comparing iMind with such well-known services as Zoom and Whereby, users note the convenience of using collaboration tools for video conferencing software such as:

  • screen sharing;
  • whiteboarding;
  • live chat.

Unlike Zoom and Whereby and other services group meetings on the free plan, the iMind has a formal limit of 24 hours. In other platforms group meetings are limited in time.

Also iMind has visual authorization in the waiting room. Unlike Zoom, the host receives a snapshot of the user who wants to join the meeting. 

Thus, using iMind to meet with colleagues is as natural as meeting in real life.

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