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Why Your Car Won’t Start Even Though the Lights Work

There are many worse feelings than when your car will not start. However, you’ve likely assumed it was the battery fault. If you’ve ever been in this situation. But, what does it mean when your radio and lights work but the car will not start? We have done some broad studies to support your identity which could be incorrect. 


However, it could be one of several problems. If your car will not start but the lights and radio work fine. For illustration, your car battery could be dead. The reason why the radio, gusto lights, headlights, and other electronics draw power while the machine does not has to do with the quantum of current each device draws and what may be interposing the path. 


Still, you’ll notice your car won’t start, but lights come on If this happens. 


Check the Battery 

Do not rule out the possibility of a dead battery just because some of the electrical elements work. Batteries can occasionally run electronic bias on a low charge. Headlights, radios, and other auto electronics draw very little amperage — generally no further than 20 to 30 amps. On the other hand, machine starters pull up to 300 amps all at once, which is too much power for a battery with a low charge. 


If the battery tests low with a hydrometer or fails a cargo test. The problem is answered if it accepts a charge or a jump from another battery and the vehicle starts. It may be a blown fuse, a broken ignition switch, or a bad starter if it does not start. 


Bloated Fuse 

Like your home’s electrical system, your car has a set of electrical fuses. However, the energy pump or another vital part of the car is blown up, If the fuse is for the starter. 


You can check the fuses yourself, but be sure the power to the car is out, and the key is removed from the ignition. To be on the safe side, you should have an automatic check of the fuses for you. Mechanics know what to look for, and have the experience that utmost auto possessors warrant. 

Starter Engine Issues 


If you can detect the starter under the hood of your car. However, the problem may be a dead battery, If you do not hear clicking when you start the engine. However, if the machine does not coil, the starter might not be getting enough electricity, If you hear clicking. 


Using your proprietor’s primer and a voltmeter, you should be suitable to test functionality. 


Check Energy Pump Lines 

Are you sure that the gas is reaching the machine? The energy pump sends energy into the energy injectors, which shoot the energy into the machine. Any faults along these energy lines could be the reason why your car isn’t starting. 


Generally, the energy pump and other corridors of the energy line last more than country miles. They’re indeed known to last over country miles. But it all depends on conservation. 


So, how can you test whether energy lines are working? It’s simple. Turn your key to the ACC position. This will start the energy pump. When the machine isn’t working, you’ll be able to hear the energy pump working easily. 


If you start to hear a hum from the hind end of your car. However, check the bottom of the auto for energy leaks, If the energy pump is working duly. Perhaps an energy leak is starving your machine from getting an acceptable quantum of energy. 


Check Spark Plugs 

Spark entrapments are the factual element that ignites the energy inside the piston. So when the spark entrapments fail, your car won’t start


But this is quite a doubtful event. For your spark entrapments to be the cause, a bunch of your spark entrapments need to fail at the same time. However, this could be, If you ignore the signs of a defective spark draw. 


Generally, when one spark draw fails, you’ll notice that your machine is miscarrying. Driving a car that’s miscarrying isn’t a good idea. So you need to get your car checked if it misfires. 

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