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Festival Camping – The Dos And Don’ts

If you want to experience a festival in the best possible way, camping is a wonderful place to begin. If you have ever gone camping, and done something the wrong way, you likely had a time that you would rather forget; however, when done the right way, it will be a lifelong memory that you will treasure. The objective is to stay as comfortable as possible, as well as dry and clean, and do as all Boy Scouts are taught which means you have to be prepared.


For those that are new to camping, a festival field might be where you will want to begin. For those that are there, you will have fun with them, and everyone is there for a good time, because if it does start to rain, all of you are in this together, and you will experience camaraderie as you have never experienced before. The most positive aspect of all of this is that, by following simple, you can be a proverbial happy camper.




In the garden, you need to put your tent up to the best of your ability. This will allow you to use it and learn how it works, plus you won’t have to make any repairs if you have all of the parts.


If you are going to be in a large group, all of your tents should be faced inward. You can talk together, and also stay dry, at the same time. When you sleep, your head should always be adjacent to the door. This will provide you with the ability to be social and secure.


The neighbors that are around you will soon become your friends. As you can imagine, with everyone in such close living quarters, it’s a good idea to get along with everyone. You can also rely on them to watch your tent when you are away, and perhaps remind you of things that you may have forgotten.


You may want to take earplugs with your supplies so that you can sleep throughout the night, something that you may need if you are at a loud festival. Additionally, you can go to the spa if you want to relax and get some peace.


Always be aware of cooking and campfire rules – you do not want to be removed from the experience.


Always try to customize your tent – by doing so, you will find it very easily. Some people will tie helium balloons to the outside, or perhaps use a flag on a pole.


Use light up accessories to your advantage, they will help you to see find your friends and they are great fun. Find diamond or jelly rings, browse many different styles of light up rings.


Since you are going to be what could amount to several miles from the nearest bathroom, bringing a solar-powered shower might help you ease into this new experience. They are extremely inexpensive, and if you get muddy, you can wash all of it off very easily.


Bin bags should also be part of your supplies. Although this is not glamorous, you can certainly get rid of any rubbish that you have, plus you can bring bedding with you in the same bags and use it when you are not in your tent.


You might want to go swimming so put on your swimwear underneath your clothes. Your skin will drive very quickly, so it is highly recommended that you bring swimming shorts were bikini so that you can take all of your clothes off when it starts to rain. By placing everything in a watertight plastic bag, you can then dry everything off once the sun comes back out.


It is helpful if you bring gaffer tape with you – this will help you do repairs on your tent if it ever gets ripped.


Using sensible clothing is highly recommended. They should be as lightweight as possible. Although wearing jeans may seem to be the most practical choice, it might not be the best idea. Wearing denim may lead to the material cleaning to your legs which can be very uncomfortable. A good option would be Thai fishing pants which you can easily fold up and bring with you, primarily because they are easy to put on and are quick to drive. Lightweight combats is another option that you may want to consider because of the number of pockets that they tend to have.


You may also want to consider bringing T-shirts, as well as a warm sweater in case it gets chilly outside. You should always have a hat with you – your mum mother was likely not joking when she told you body heat can come directly out of your head. You may also want to consider hiking boots or Wellingtons – this will help prevent contracting foot diseases from the mud that you may encounter on your trip.


Always bring cash with you. It may be difficult to find cash otherwise.


Bring a torch, mobile phone, and other essentials. You should also bring sunscreen, antiseptic cream, painkillers, a lighter, and waterproof wallet, a towel, and wet wipes, plus consider bringing a loo roll, toothpaste, and a toothbrush.


You may want to consider camping near a loo if possible, were at the very least  a hedge – portaloos are sometimes not available, which is why you can use a hedge if you have to pee or do something else.




Don’t worry about cosmetics makeup. It’s sort of like bringing jewelry to the local gym – the less that you have, the better off you will be.


Making a snap decision is not the best idea if you are going camping. You should consider all of the locations, just to make sure it is the right place, especially if you will be there for several days and nights.


Take glass bottles with you. In general, bringing glasses not advisable, so make sure that you have your drinks in something that is made of plastic.


Get stressed about how bad the loos are. In most cases, these are going to be absolutely terrible. At some venues, getting to use one is actually a luxury. If you are a girl, and relatively brave, a She-Pee location will be available. Otherwise, make a pit stop at the nearest business to use their loo, which may include a local supermarket, which will also allow you to use hot running water while you are there.

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