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‘AnalFuck69’: Hunter Biden’s Password Revealed In Whistleblower Tell-All

A Delaware computer repair shop owner who was driven out of business for blowing the whistle over Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop has written a book, “American Injustice: My Battle to Expose the Truth, in which he details what went down behind the scenes with the sitting president’s crack-addict son.

According to an excerpt published by the New York Post, John Paul Mac Isaac was about to close up shop on a Friday night when Hunter Biden ‘stumbled’ in carrying three MacBook Pros.

“I’m glad you’re still open,” Hunter reportedly said with an “air of entitlement” radiating off of him. “I just came from the cigar bar, and they told me about your shop, but I had to hurry because you close at seven.”

One of the computers, writes Mac Isaac, had a Beau Biden Foundation sticker covering the Apple logo. He proceeded to inspect the computers, when Hunter revealed his password: Analfuck69

For some reason, maybe misplaced compassion, I decided to check them over then and there. One at a time, I performed a quick inspection of the machines. The 15-inch laptop was a complete write-off. It had extensive liquid damage, and because the drive was soldered to the logic board, data recovery was beyond my capability. (If a Mac can’t power on, you won’t be able to access the drive and get to the data.)

The 13-inch 2015 MacBook Pro was in slightly better shape. It could boot up, but the keyboard was unresponsive. I pulled out an external keyboard and asked for permission to log in.

Hunter started laughing.

My password is f–ked up. Don’t be offended!” he said, before announcing that it was “analf–k69” or something to that extent. His inebriated condition made it difficult to understand is speech. My eyes widened a bit, and I told him that maybe it would be best if he tried to log in himself.  -via the NY Post 


Mac Isaac then offered to loan Hunter the keyboard so he could perform his own hard drive recovery on one of the other laptops, before discovering porn on what would come to be known as the ‘laptop from hell.’

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