Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 8 May 2022

No, Spring is Not ‘Coming Earlier Every Year’ – and All this Alarmism is Taking its Toll on Our Mental Health

Spring has sprung and all good climate catastrophists are dusting down their annual ‘spring has sprung three weeks early’ story. BBC Science Correspondent Victoria Gill has a three-week-early avian egg-laying tale, which is topped with the obligatory ‘climate change’ headline.

Reporting on a survey in “some parts” of a wood in Oxford, Ms. Gill comments on the mating habits of the great tit. According to project leader Professor Ben Sheldon from Oxford University, observing the birds over time means “we’re also able to ask how extreme climate events – increasingly seen as a risk of climate change – affect the population”.

That presumably would be the climate change said to lead to ever higher temperatures as guessed by laughably inaccurate climate models – temperatures supposedly rising so fast that spring is starting earlier each year.

In fact, spring in England is no warmer than 20 years ago. Despite a rise in the 1990s, the temperature is no higher than the 30-year average. Yet another ‘pause’ makes an appearance in the temperature record.

If we discount the 30% hikes made to recent global temperatures in datasets run by the Met Office and NASA, global warming ran out of steam in the late 1990s. The satellite data for April show the lack of global warming now extends to 91 months. This pause follows the longer standstill reported by satellites from around 1998 to 2012 – since largely removed from the ‘adjusted’ surface databases.

It seems global warming is just too good to let go when seeking to command and control an economy through Net Zero. The Guardian now calls it global heating, and sees it everywhere. In March, it published this doozy: “Nine cattle were struck by lightning and killed in central Queensland earlier this month during an incident experts say could become more common with climate change.”

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