Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 8 May 2022

Elon Musk is Going to Turn Twitter into a Technocratic Digital Dictatorship that will Censor Free Speech on a Whole New Level

Before you hop on the bandwagon of Elon Musk taking over Twitter is a win for freedom of speech, it’s important to remember his history of silencing and aggression towards his critics. From his past behavior, Elon Musk is more of a selective free speech advocate who prefers that his critics shut up as seen when a former Tesla worker was fired for blowing the whistle. This is what to expect from this plastic man. He is not going to deliver a free platform the way people are thinking, he is simply going to exercise technocracy under the guise of freedom of speech. Many believe Elon Musk is a real life Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, but the reality is Musk is not a genius at all, he wasn’t even the founder of Tesla. Another false impression is Musk was a poor immigrant from South Africa and built his wealth from the ground up when in fact his parents owned a emerald mine in Zambia. Elon Musk did not work his way up, he came from money.

Musk has funneled billions to fund the growth and development of artificial intelligence, 5G, and shipping human DNA seeds in space. Let’s not forget that he supports far left wing organizations as he paid millions to the ACLU. Elon Musk is being used just like Zelensky to screw over the dumb and docile sheep. This is the same Elon Musk that advocated for Doggy coin (Dodgecoin), and recently Mark Cuban shared his recommendation of how Musk can fight Twitter spam by using Dodgecoin. Musk is a charlatan, he is not going to make things better on Twitter. He may make it appear better in the short term to give sheep false hope, but then he will crash it down just like how people believed in Donald Trump only to be disappointed in the end.

His politics is about as real as his hair plugs, and butt and face fillers. He also has a son named, X Æ A-Xii Musk, Joe Rogan laughed at how bizarre it was.

Celebrities that previously said they’ll never go back on Twitter, will go back on. There will be all kinds of purposeful hateful garbage posted, content that even the most hardcore free speech advocate will admit is extreme, but it will all be done in order to stir up a digital war so the censorship of free speech can be justified. Safety will likely be brought up. There will probably be some orchestrated backlash between Elon Musk against politicians, companies, and foreign countries. Then eventually, he’ll give in and blame it on someone else. It’ll be another staged show, just more scripted theatrics. When Musk demanded to know who is funding the boycott Twitter campaign, George Soros, Clinton, Obama, and the European Union popped up. The European Union passed a digital law that basically says if they don’t like what somebody posts, there will be consequences. However, they will go after the company that is hosting the server or platform where the person shared the post. Elon Musk did say that Twitter will be free depending on your country, so he will make it heavily restricted to abide by country law.

Facebook, aka ‘Fake’ book, requires users to upload their government ID to run ads. Twitter under Musk will likely operate in a similar matter, possibly even require documents just to sign up for an account.

The Silicon Valley Dream

At the end of the day, Elon Musk is part of the Silicone Men of Silicon Valley who seeks to dominate the world with technology. They want to implant microchips in your brain so they can better prosecute you, want you to sit home, get your universal income, play video games, eat your GMO processed food, smoke your weed, and masturbate to porn five times a day or have sex with your robot. They’d rather you become gay, because you won’t have kids even though they want to sterilize you anyway. They want to take everything from you and turn you into a plastic human, that’s their grand plan for the future.

The United States is heading in a very dangerous direction. With Russians being sanctioned simply for their national origin, and their money and assets stolen and given to the enemy, the next step will be anybody can be sanctioned and have their bank accounts frozen. An example is GoFundMe wanted to confiscate the Trucker’s protest and wanted to give it elsewhere, and police seizing nearly $100,000 in cash from a combat veteran. When questioned, the former marine said he didn’t trust banks and that’s why he carried cash. He cooperated and there was no reason of suspicion, yet the DEA was called to confiscate his savings.

This is reality in the so called free world that sheep patriots believe in.

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