FND is a brain disorder that can encompass a diverse range of neurological symptoms including limb weakness, paralysis, seizures, walking difficulties, spasms, twitching, sensory issues and more. For many, symptoms are severe and disabling, and life-changing.  Whilst the symptoms may appear similar to those seen in neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s and Epilepsy, and can be just as debilitating, they have a different underlining cause.

According to their website, which lists the symptoms, NHS advises you to see a GP if you think you have PoTS and “some doctors may not be aware of PoTS, so it may help to print out this page and take it with you to your appointment. A GP will probably need to refer you to a specialist for tests.”

“I was perfectly healthy before I had my vaccine, skateboarding almost every day and having no underlying health issues. Seven months later, I am still having a rapid heart rate (130 bpm testing and 150 when standing or doing small activities). I still have seriously bad shortness of breath, really bad vision issues and some other symptoms which haven’t resolved yet. I have had to temporarily withdraw from University and I am, basically, bed-bound and unable to work as I have been for seven months,” Clarke wrote.

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