Seigel is an entrepreneur and author. He wrote his first book about climate change in 1991.  In recent years he’s made videos on several topics from macroeconomics to woodworking to investing to climate change.

“I believed Paul Ehrlich about the Population Bomb and I believed Al Gore that CO2 was causing warming. Then, in 2016, someone told me that “the science is settled.” Knowing that if it’s science, it isn’t settled, I decided to look a bit deeper and see what I could discover. So, I spent most of a year investigating and wrote a big post that over 300,000 people read. Since then, I continue to study, learn, and communicate what I have learned about climate and other misunderstandings,” Siegel told CLINTEL in an interview.

“We still don’t know what really drives our climate. There’s no way we can predict the next 100 years of climate with any accuracy. To me, it’s clear that CO2 has almost nothing to do with climate, and the big drivers are orbital mechanics and plate tectonics. But there’s still a lot to learn.

“I’d love to follow the money. I’d love to see a big report showing how money flows to NGOs, how much the UN spends on public relations, how universities rely on the Climate Industrial Complex, and how motivated most groups are by money, not by helping the environment. If they are going to use polar bears, forest fires, storms, and lies, it’s clear their goal is fundraising. And there is a lot of money at stake now.”

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