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Common Mistakes in Investing with Crypto – How to Avoid

According to a study completed in January 2021, approximately 106 million people worldwide use cryptocurrency. It is unavoidable that an increasing number of baby boomers and Gen Xers are interested in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. As more investors enter the market, the value of cryptocurrency continues to rise. However, crypto investing, like any other type of investment, has its own set of concerns. With so many people jumping into the cryptocurrency craze, unfortunately, many of them have encountered difficulties that have resulted in them losing a significant amount of money or becoming discouraged. Cryptocurrency can be difficult to grasp, particularly for newcomers. If you want to learn how to trade or invest in cryptocurrencies, you should be aware of the most common mistakes that cryptocurrency investors make. Dart Europe experts provide reliable information about trading tools and brokers. Their thorough review of Bitcoin Era, highlights that the platform is genuine and trustworthy for making investments. This article will walk you through about seven common crypto investment mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

A Complete Absence of a Well-Thought-Out Strategy

The worst thing a crypto enthusiast can do when it comes to investing in, and trading cryptocurrencies is to not plan ahead of time. We should be reminded that making money in the cryptocurrency market is not an easy task for a beginner. Doing your research on crypto-assets, you are considering investing in is critical in developing your strategy. Prior to making any decisions, you must be strategic and have specific goals in mind. When you don’t know where you want to go, the chances of financial loss are much higher. As a result, before entering the crypto market and earning money from digital assets, you must first define your goals and ambitions.

Putting Money in Bogus Digital Currencies Is a Dangerous Game.

One of the most common scams in the cryptocurrency industry is the creation of phoney websites and mobile applications that look like initial coin offerings (ICOs) and ask customers to deposit money into a hacked wallet. When a person is given an account to fund their wallet or accept payments, they are simply transferring funds to a hacker-controlled site. Most scam exchanges entice customers with celebrity endorsements, unwanted phone calls, or emails promising large sums of money. The most common piece of cryptocurrency investing advice is to only use well-known and reputable cryptocurrency exchanges. Do some research before creating an account to see if other users or renowned experts in the crypto industry can attest to its legitimacy.

Panic-Sale Coins

The most common mistake made by investors, according to a survey conducted by CryptoVantage, was panic selling coins. Bitcoin’s price fluctuates a lot, which could lead to this kind of behaviour. In a panic, 38% of investors sold and later regretted their decision. Panic-selling occurs when people are more likely to sell their cryptocurrency holdings because they are afraid of losing money than making money. Furthermore, some people spend money in the hope of earning it back in two weeks. Unfortunately, this is not the case. To avoid this, avoid being overly reactive to your emotions and instead focus on long-term thinking.

Diversified Portfolio Is Missing Some Keys.

While Bitcoin is currently on a bull run, it could fall at any time and cause massive losses. When you concentrate your investment on a single coin, you increase your potential losses because the financial market is disrupted, you will be unable to pay back your losses. To avoid making this mistake, broaden your digital assets.


You can allocate the funds to various asset classes, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and other potential altcoins. There are numerous options in the cryptocurrency market, but prospective investors should evaluate the prospects based on their profile before moving forward.

There Isn’t Enough Protection.

If there is one mistake that novice crypto investors make, it believes that the encrypted nature of a digital currency is sufficient to keep it secure. Encryption does not guarantee security. Although cryptocurrency is secure because it is encrypted, that does not mean it cannot be hacked or stolen.


Having complete control over your virtual currency has drawbacks, so keep your private key, password, and seed phrase safe and secure. It is preferable not to save them to your desktop, phone, email, or cloud storage service. Instead, write down these crucial details and keep them safe. You should also keep a copy in a secure location as much as possible.

Missing Password

Investors who had forgotten their passwords were another common occurrence. Crypto recovery services are becoming more popular as the popularity of cryptocurrency grows. People who owned cryptocurrency when it was nearly worthless frequently forgot their passwords. Fortunately, that is where recovery services can come in handy. Before you begin trading, it is critical that you plan ahead of time how you will save your password. The first step, as in the fifth case, is to write it down on a piece of paper, but even this has risks because it could be stolen and used by someone else. Remember where you save your password. 

Purchasing High and Selling Low

This is true not only for making any investment decision with cryptocurrencies but also for all other types of investments. Purchasing at a higher cost than trying to sell at a lower price is among the most popular and easy missteps new investors commit, and it can be the main cause you get bankrupt with your investment portfolios. Furthermore, flawlessly planning ahead of the market in terms of purchasing and selling off assets is practically impossible; even so, unless you’re already familiar enough with the cryptocurrency world, you could recognise some perceptible trends that you might pursue to boost your profits while reducing your failures. 

Last Thoughts

In investing with cryptocurrencies, how much funds you put money in the investment will depend entirely on your appetite for risk and individual situation; nevertheless, when investing in virtual currencies, you must focus on ensuring that you are completely conscious of the risks while contemplating the worst-case situation. Furthermore, as you gain more understanding of cryptocurrency and its industry, you may be less likely to be concerned about price volatility, and you’ll get more possibilities to emerge in front of you.

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