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Is China Starting Another Giant Purge Of Citizens?

Official Chinese policy is aimed at zero COVID cases, infections or deaths in the country.1 To that end, they locked down more than half of the country’s largest cities,2 including 26 million people in Shanghai.

As a way to put the scale of what’s happening in China into perspective, CNBC3 took a look at the numbers as they relate to the financial center of Shanghai. The city is home to the world’s busiest port and the lockdowns have forced roughly three times as many people as live in New York City to stay home, undergo mass viral testing, and in some cases to be forced vaccination.4

While their official permanent resident population in 2020 was 24.9 million,5 some believe it now is near 26 million.6 But that’s just 1.8% of the total population of the country.7 Shanghai accounts for 7.3% of exports from the country and 14.4% of imports. Many of these exports come from the semiconductor manufacturing center in Shanghai and many automobile manufacturers also have plants in Shanghai.

It’s also a major center for many multinational corporations, including P&G, Nike, General Electric and Apple. Each of these corporations and industries, as well as the goods produced and exported, are affected by these lockdowns, which cannot stem the spread of this virus.

It is crucial to know and understand what is happening to the people of China as internet censors are removing information8 and mainstream media are not covering the extent of the issue. Much of the surveillance and data gathering that support these brutal attacks on the people come from a QR code system9 that has been in place since February 2020.

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