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Technocrats Turn To Satellites, Geospatial Intel For ESG Compliance

ESG monitoring is fast emerging as a fairly accurate determiner of corporate willingness to make progress towards social well-being, ecological adaptability, and sustainability. It gives an indication of climate change mitigation efforts through a mix of policy guidelines, standards, social impact, and imperatives. The contrast between blueprint and implementation, and between theory and praxis, is clearly visible through an ESG report.

Picterra, the Swiss geospatial intelligence company that uses AI and ML to turn satellite imagery to actionable insights, aims to democratize access to Earth observation, enabling businesses to react to events in a post-pandemic world and create transparent, measurable, and accountable ESG KPIs. For the year ahead, it will continue helping businesses uncover hidden application areas for geospatial intelligence that can unlock real value. From forestry management to utilities and transportation, Picterra has a footprint across multiple sectors. Some of its prominent clients include The World Bank, Westwood, Cyient, SGS, Skytec, SBB and Prorail.

Picterra is growing at a rapid pace and eyes expansion. Just yesterday, the company raised $6.5 million investment led by venture capital firm VI partners.

“C-level teams need to ensure that they have access to trustworthy, verifiable information about business activities beyond just financial data. I believe we will see more industries adopt Earth Observation imagery as a key data source to close the gap between statement and reality in their ESG reporting”, says Pierrick Poulenas, CEO, Picterra, in an exclusive interview with Geospatial World

What role does geospatial intelligence and Picterra’s platform play in ESG monitoring and reporting, and how can it help in climate change mitigation?

We envision a world in which ESG reporting is more transparent and auditable than it is today. Earth Observation (EO) imagery is a good source of ground truth, so we help companies embed it into their ESG targets. For example, mining clients use Picterra to track decommissioning efforts, and consumer goods companies use it to prevent deforestation in their farm networks. We also work with a lot of foresters, especially in the carbon offsetting sector, to help them manage natural resources in a scalable way.

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