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Prepare For Winter Lockdowns, Says Cult-Owned WHO

The U.K. and other countries should impose moderate lockdowns this winter to stop the virus “just infecting everybody”, WHO Special Envoy on COVID-19 Response Dr. David Nabarro has said. The Express has the story.

Following the 23,791 new Covid cases recorded on April 24th in the U.K., WHO Special Envoy on COVID-19 Response Doctor David Nabarro warned British people: “Prepare for more surges” over the winter. “Hospitals and Public Health officers are already hard at work as they know what is coming down the pipe”, said Dr. Nabarro.

Speaking with Dr. Nabarro, Sky News presenter Niall Paterson asked: “Should we all be looking ahead to what it might be coming down the pipeline in autumn and winter this year?”

He continued: “We have always seen that deep over the summer because respiratory illnesses are transmitted the same way”

“But should we be preparing for a surge coming later on this year?”, he asked Dr. Nabarro.

Dr. Nabarro responded: “Absolutely, my language is like this.”

He firmly said: “Prepare for your surges, prevent transmission when the virus is around and protect people who are most at risk.” …

Referring to China’s no-tolerance Covid approach and strict Covid lockdown in Shanghai, the WHO chief also claimed: “I think it will take a few months for leaders around the world to come together and work out the best way to deal with Covid.”

He continued: “Right now there is still a bit of debate ‘do you try to prevent Covid completely with really strong measures as applied in China or you basically let things go and let the virus do what it wants to do?”

Referring to WHO guidance over coronavirus, he reiterated: “Those of us in the World Health Organisation what we tend to do is say ‘look it is a middle path. That middle path is to keep that virus back and to stop it just infecting everybody because it can have long-term effects”, the WHO chief explained.

“At the same time, however, try not to lockdown the whole society, because the economical and social consequences are terrible.”

Mr Nabarro concluded: “And it is that middle path than more and more countries are moving to.”

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