Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 24 April 2022

Mark Steyn on the shocking truth about the booster jab

MARK Steyn’s blistering monologue at the start of his Thursday evening GB News show is a must-watch if you missed it.

In it he calls for a Royal Commission into the UK’s Covid policy that ‘screwed over’ a generation of children, left people unseen and untreated by the NHS or to die in ‘care’ homes, mired people in depression, and ruined livelihoods. More than that – a Commission must inquire into the groupthink of the politico-media class that blindly followed the official narrative, and cast questioning or alternative data as disinformation. This is what drove the other iniquities.

The shocking truth about vaccine efficacy, specifically the fact that the ‘so-zealously promoted’ Covid vaccine third booster shot has failed also catalysed his fury. The triple-vaccinated, published UK data shows, run more chance of infection, hospitalisation and death than the combined total of double, single and unvaccinated.

It is powerful, much-needed stuff from Mark, and it should leave news and current affairs presenters, producers and editors over the MSM elsewhere hanging their heads in shame.

You can watch the segment here. The full transcript of his monologue follows it. It is an article in itself.

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