‘The sheer scale of this global pandemic and the likely evolution to an endemic disease means we need more scalable diagnostic tools that can balance our current over-reliance on rapid antigen and PCR tests,’ said Professor Catherine Bennett, a member of ResApp’s Covid-19 Scientific Advisory Board.

‘By rapidly ruling out Covid-19, ResApp’s COVID-19 test would significantly reduce the number of rapid antigen and PCR tests required, while still maintaining the disease surveillance needed to manage the continued impact of Covid-19.’

ResApp uses machine learning to detect key signatures in coughs. To test it, the developer enrolled 741 patients in the US and India, including 446 with Covid-19. The participants completed surveys on any symptoms they were experiencing, and coughed into a smartphone with the app installed.

The results revealed that the app was able to correctly detect Covid-19 in 92 per cent of people with the infection. For comparison, lateral flow tests can detect around 72 per cent of symptomatic cases and 58 per cent of asymptomatic ones.

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