Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 20 April 2022

Metal Gear Solid 4 Depicts a Future of Proxy Wars, Global Digital Surveillance, Trans-humanist Monsters, and Soldiers Embedded with Nanobots

The popular game series by Kojima features protagonist Solid Snake fighting against terrorists plotting to control the world. However, as revealed in subsequent installments, a group known as The Patriots, have been orchestrating global events. Information technology, the internet, genetics enabled The Patriots to police the planet. In Metal Gear Solid 4, the final game with Solid Snake as the main character, a world where war has become routine is depicted. The war economy demands soldiers and just about anyone can get free virtual reality training and join the fight, thinking they’re making a difference. In the end, it’s just fuel to the fire. The Patriots originally consisted of a few people controlling the masses, but it now has become a planet managed by artificial intelligence. With them being dead, The Patriots became replaced by the very same AI they created, a massive global machine consisting of 4 super machines – GW TJ, AL, and TR all united by one core AI. However, the AI adapts and veers off, becoming a new life of its own.

With a virtually impenetrable interface, The Patriots continued to rule the world long after their passing through their proxies – AI run global government. Its system codes are the law, with automated control of politics, war, morals, and media, like a religion. ID tagged soldiers with ID tagged equipment and ID tagged weapons. However, the black market sells private militia guns free of bio-metric locks.

War Has Changed

Genetic information is fed real-time to a central AI which controls via nano-machines. Machines regulate soldier’s hormones, psyche, heart rate, and can stimulate chemical release to spike adrenaline to increase performance or reduce blood pressure to remain calm under extreme stress. Nanobots can immobilize soldiers with a push of a button, so everyone is watched an controlled via nano tech. There is one minor character, Akiba, who is unaffected, and it’s later revealed because he refused the mandatory injection so was free of nano-machine control. The nano-machines adapt to soldiers to control their senses, they can stimulate neurotransmitters, emotions, and release endorphins when killing the “enemy”. When the nano-machines stop, the system is stopped, but soldiers go crazy because all of their suppressed emotions are let loose. Drugs shamble their minds to keep them focused on the mission. To make matters worse, FOXDIE is an endemic virus in the game that selectively kills depending on the person’s genetic makeup. There’s no cure but variants continue to mutate and infect.

Snake fights off super villains which are later revealed as young girls traumatized during youth and molded to be killing machines with their bodies bonded with machines equipped with state of the art advanced weaponry. Solid Snake later learns that he is a clone of the original Naked Snake designed to be sterile with a short lifespan. He is a mere tool in a game of war being used to do the bidding of invisible powers. The original Naked Snake fought against The Patriots and built a new hidden civilization outside of the global control. Eventually with the help of his team, Snake destroys the AI main control interface and sets the world free from the digital control. While the game is remarkable for this story and game-play, there are many themes expressed that are freakishly identical to the real world today.

Our real world is plagued by coronavirus, cancel culture controlled by the few, and war has become what mainstream media says it is and determines who is good guy and bad guy. In essence, we are already living in a world of proxy battles with people’s misplaced sense of patriotism where people don’t even know who or what they are fighting for. Soldiers are forced to believe propaganda, and we already have private military organizations, mercenaries, contractors, and war mongers who are in the business of war. Social credit is creeping in and acts as a digital monitoring unit to control people. And if nanobots are in the alleged vaccines, billions of people already have machines in them just like in the game.

Is this where the world is heading? Are we really going to see a world with tagged people, weapons, vehicles, and alike all linked to a central supercomputer where human beings aren’t even running the government? Will all operations be outsourced to machines so that the few can control the masses? Will everyone eventually be cast into the wasteland and forced to join an endless meaningless barrage of proxy wars? Hopefully not, but if it does happen, then ancient texts were right, we really are living in the dark ages and further engulfing ourselves into the swamp. The more and more time goes on, the more it reveals that only God can save this earth from the evils of man.

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