Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 17 April 2022

‘Woman shows her penis’ – where will this madness end?

WARNING: Readers may find some details offensive.

IN OUR latest episode of the ‘media are liars and should be ignored’, we give you the one about the ‘woman who exposed her penis’. Yes, you read that right. According to LBC and others we are to accept that ‘Chloe Thompson, 42, of Middlesbrough, lifted her skirt and exposed herself three times in one day in August last year. Teesside Crown Court heard Thompson was caught in a back alley, using a sex toy attached to a wheelie bin on August 13 last year. A couple shouted at her and she ran away. On the same day, she exposed herself on Cromer Street, where she lived at the time of the offences, and thrust her hips into a fence.’ Metro takes up the story: ‘Once she was inside her house, she exposed her bum and thrust against her window – which three children saw as they were in a car driving past.’

Here we go again – the mainstream media trying to get us to accept that a fully equipped man is really a woman and can expose ‘her’ penis to children and others. This is a lie, a monstrous inversion of reality.

The truth is that this man is a former soldier and convicted sex offender. The defendant’s real identity is Andrew McNab, and he has 17 convictions for 22 offences.

Previously McNab had been put on the sex offender register and made subject to notification requirements in 2011 for sexually assaulting an underage girl. This notification requirement was for ten years. However, in breach of this requirement McNab opened a TikTok account without informing the police.

According to Metro (which ran the ridiculous ‘she exposed her penis’ headline) it was at this point the authorities discovered McNab had changed his name by deed poll. McNab was then handed a suspended sentence for breaching the notification order, namely opening the TikTok account.

A suspended sentence is where the judge gives you a custodial sentence but puts it in abeyance for a specified period. If you do not reoffend during this time you avoid jail; if you do reoffend you should serve the time suspended and you could get another custodial sentence.

It was in breach of this suspended custodial sentence that our sex offender with 17 convictions for 22 offences exposed himself in various ways to the public, including children.

Andrew McNab pleaded guilty to these crimes, which should, in a normal world, have triggered the suspended sentence sending him straight to jail. But we don’t live in a normal world. We live in a world where some person called Chloe Thompson pleaded guilty to these crimes.

This is what Judge Stephen Carroll had to say. He stressed the ‘unpleasantness’ of the crimes meant a custodial sentence was ‘inevitable’. But hang on there, all is not lost. Chloe, being trans, has had a tough time of it and the judge wants to see if he can suspend the sentence that should be given for breaching a previous suspended sentence. Judge: ‘The only thing I need to find out is whether it could be suspended, given the challenges you faced at the time,’ he said. (My emphasis, with eye-rolling emoji.)

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