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We ruined Britain but what do people get furious about? A cake in a Tupperware box – Peter Hitchens

How mad we all are, demanding Alexander Johnson’s resignation because someone brought a cake into his office, quite possibly without his knowledge.

The true madness is in the lawless rules under which he has been ‘fined by the police’ – a form of punishment expressly banned by the 1689 Bill of Rights, one of the foundation stones of our liberty.

If I thought he would be replaced by anyone better, I’d be perfectly happy for Johnson to quit. As it is, I barely care. Our current Parliament is a care home for nonentities, unmatched in our long history for mediocrity, ignorance and dimness. Who would be better?

But if we’re having resignations let them all go, all the panic-stricken conformists and groupthink victims who rushed this country into economic and social disaster in March 2020 and who invented the daft regulations under which the Premier has been fined.

Let them all go, the Cabinet Ministers without the sense their mothers gave them, hypnotised by guesswork dressed up as pseudo-science and gripped with pathetic admiration for the muscular dictatorial stupidity of the Chinese police state.

Let them all go, the Opposition who did not oppose, the MPs who wouldn’t think, the judges who refused even to hear a case against the ridiculous rules, erected on the tiny foundation of the Public Health Act of 1984. And the BBC, which closed its ears and doors to dissent. Not merely did the measures not work.

To the fury and embarrassment of the Covid Zealots, Sweden did not take part in the frenzy of closure, house-arrest, ludicrous mask decrees and economic strangulation. And lo, its health outcomes are, if anything, better than those countries, such as us, which went off their heads.

So here we stand, with inflation rotting our savings like an evil fungus, taxes soaring, millions of educations wrecked, countless small businesses ruined and worse to come, and all for nothing.

As for the precious NHS, which we were supposed to be saving by all these insane actions, it was easy to see that the shutdown was in fact wrecking it.

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