Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 17 April 2022

The Controllers of Money, Energy, and Food, Will Control the World: Can You Say ‘Covid’ and Ukraine False Flags?

By: Gary D. Barnett

“Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”

Quote attributed to Henry Kissinger

It is best to preface these comments by discussing the fact that the ‘covid’ scam is not over, and has not permanently disappeared. In fact, most of the planks of the ‘covid’ agenda are still in place, even though the lockdowns are temporarily over, most businesses that are left are temporarily open, and mask wearing is for the most part not mandated by every government department and bureaucracy. But what about fake ‘cases,’ what about poisonous bio-weapon injections, what about travel restrictions and bans, what about identification technology, what about tracking, tracing, and testing, and what about rampant inflation due to these and other forms of manipulation?

The ‘covid’ agenda was and is a major part of what is happening in what should be called World War III, but remember that it is just one part of the plot, which in my mind, should be outlined as a war against all people by their own governments instead of a hot war using deadly weaponry against some manufactured enemy state. Therefore, every new claimed threat should be first disbelieved, for getting wound up in any state narrative will necessarily cause a bias against the truth in favor of a preordained outcome set in motion by those attempting to propagandize the crowd. The U.S. and Ukraine collusion called the war on Ukraine by Russia, is a perfect example of this strategy.

Nothing should be viewed as singular or as a unique situation or threat, as all is part of the same agenda driven plan, and all is tied together in the same war against all of us by collaborating nation states. Although each nation is at this time warring against its own citizens, this is a global effort that is not individually structured, but is reacting independently by design, with the top tier of the most powerful controlling the strings of the political class puppets worldwide. The U.S. is certainly at the top of this power pyramid currently, but that could change dramatically as the China model being sought will allow for other players to gain a seat at the table of the masterclass attempting to rule over the new system being built today.

Once this new paradigm is complete, those who control money, energy, and food, will control the world. That is the end game desired, and every piece of the puzzle being fitted into place today, supports the takeover agenda. Nothing is separate, nothing is accidental; all is a cog in the wheel of the planners of this global takeover. It is imperative to understand that this is a war against all of us, and that this war is consumed by lies, deceit, propaganda, psychological manipulation, and trickery. Every new perceived threat is but another illusion meant to divide and distract as many as possible, so that the state’s agendas can go forward without much resistance.

The false flag called the “Russia/Ukraine war” has just been the latest example of the divide and distract strategy, and it worked perfectly. Overnight the deadly ‘covid’ narrative was suspended as the threat of Russia once again took center stage. The same old playbook with an ‘innocent’ victim attacked by a rogue superpower was used by the U.S. in order to strike mass fear into the ignorant public at large. It was framed as not only an attack against innocent Ukrainians by a bloodthirsty tyrant, this to pull at the heartstrings of the uninformed, but was also used to terrify the masses into believing that nuclear annihilation was possible at any moment. This was the new, ‘crawl under your desks for safety’ moment, and trust the state to protect you from ‘imminent’ terror. It is all a sham.

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