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Hunter Biden Worked With Nephew of Boston Crime Boss on China Business Venture: Leaked Emails

The nephew of Boston crime boss James “Whitey” Bulger was a business associate of Hunter Biden and played an active part in furthering his business ventures in China, leaked emails show.

The Boston mobster was a high-profile figure in the city’s organized crime scene from the 1970s to the 1990s and had for years been America’s most wanted fugitive. He was killed by fellow prison inmates in 2018 while serving two life sentences for 11 murders.

His nephew, James J. Bulger, is the son of a former Massachusetts state senator and chairman of Boston-based investment consulting Thornton Group, which he co-founded with Taiwanese American businessman Michael Lin Chun-Liang. The company was a stakeholder in the investment firm Bohai Harvest RST Shanghai Equity Investment Fund Management (BHR Partners), backed by major Chinese state financial institutions such as the Bank of China and the China Development Bank Capital.

Hunter Biden was an unpaid board member of BHR until April 2020, according to his lawyer. He held a 10 percent stake in the firm as of last May, according to company records.

Email threads dated 2014 and obtained by Fox News and the New York Postshowed the two Thornton Group executives discussing with Hunter Biden and his associates issues such as securing a Chinese business license and meeting with a senior Beijing official for unspecified funds.

Bulger on Jan. 27, 2014, forwarded an email from his colleague Mike Leonard, vice president of operations at Thornton to Biden and his close business partner Devon Archer with the subject line: “Meeting with Chinese Ambassador.”

“A US Embassy staffer met with the former CEO of the Bahai [sic] Fund in 2008 and wrote up a report on the meeting,” he wrote. “Pretty interesting that someone at the Embassy in Beijing would be interested in what the domestic Bohai PE Fund was up to. Thought you guys should see this.”

He suggested that the group meet in Washington and noted that Leonard has “reached out to someone over in Beijing to ascertain the schedule of Jonathan, likely referring to BHR’s CEO Jonathan Li.

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