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Cult-Owned Biden ‘Covid’ Czar: Little Kids Should Still Wear Masks Because [Cult-Owned] CDC Says So

The Biden Administration’s ‘COVID Coordinator’ declared Thursday that little kids should still be wearing masks in school because the ‘experts’ say so, but claimed that lifting all restrictions for migrants crossing the border is different.

Dr. Ashish Jha claimed that Biden lifting the Title 42 health authority, instated by President Trump, while simultaneously extending mask mandates for Americans makes sense because of ‘different standards’.

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto said “I’d like to address this whole Title 42 situation with you, doctor. Because there seems to be a different standard for migrants or those at the border, where we might loosen that at a time when we are tightening requirements here.”

“I’m just wondering your thoughts on that and whether Americans are right to feel that there’s a double standard,” Cavuto asked.

Jha responded, “The way I look at it is, first of all, if you look across the country, if you look at the CDC map, 97% of the country is in green. There are not very many restrictions. And the CDC scientists determined, on Title 42, that it was an appropriate time, from a public health point of view, to lift the Title 42 restrictions.”

OK, CDC says so. Any science to back it up?

No, look at the big map. OK. Carry on.

“We have always had a bit of a different standard on transportation, in the sense that we know when you’re sitting on an airplane, the person sitting next to you, if they’re coughing, they’re sneezing, you can’t get up and move. So, we’ve always wanted to be extra careful on public transportation, airlines,” Jha continued.

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