Posted by Jaymie Icke Posted on 15 April 2022

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Stream these uncensored and ‘hard-hitting’ news shows every single week only available on Ickonic.

DIVINE – Hosted by former model turned activist Leilani Dowding, reality star turned spiritual teacher Leanne Brown and former care nurse Carley Mansfield this show focusses on solutions to the issues we face around the World, from health and wellbeing to psychology and grass roots freedom projects designed to inspire. Previous guests include broadcaster Tonia Buxton, GP Dr Sam White, actor Sean Ward and more. EVERY WEDNESDAY 7PM UK TIME.

RIGHT NOW – Hosted by Gareth Icke this show focusses on the big issues and stories of the week, guests from around the World join Gareth every week to highlight what needs exposing. From politicians to street activists, artists and more have appeared on this show. Previous guests include Dr Peter McCullough, Alex Jones, Sean Stone, Whitney Webb and more. EVERY FRIDAY 7PM UK TIME.

DAVID ICKE DOT-CONNECTOR – Hosted by David Icke, this show is David’s unique take on the news making the headlines in the week, the aim of this show is to provide much needed context and understanding to what is happening in the World, and most importantly ‘why’ its happening, its in the why where the real understanding will come. EVERY SATURDAY 10AM UK TIME.

DEEP DIVE – Hosted by Richard Willett this show features a previous guest from the Right Now show and takes a deeper look into what they’re saying and gets down to the fine detail of the persons information, theories or life story. EVERY SUNDAY 10AM UK TIME.

Ickonic is your new home of uncensored and independent news, all of these shows plus thousands of hours of original series, films and David Icke’s entire archive dating back to 1995. So what are you waiting for?

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