Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 12 April 2022

Football club owner Dale Vince, who makes his fortune from ‘green energy’ and has arrogantly imposed his views on his football club and staff, admits funding Just Stop Oil football match-disrupting lunatics that demand the dominance of his totally insufficient – energy bill increasing – ‘green energy’

Forest Green owner Dale Vince admitted to talkSPORT that he funded the ‘Just Stop Oil’ protesters who targeted Premier League matches earlier this month.

Everton’s 1-0 win over Newcastle was halted after a protester attached his neck to one of the goalposts with a cable tie.

Games between Arsenal and Liverpool and Wolves and Leeds were also targeted, but protesters were stopped by stewards before they could stop the game and the same happened in Tottenham’s win over West Ham.

And Vince, who has turned League Two side Forest Green into the world’s first carbon-neutral football club, says he has had a hand in the ‘Just Stop Oil’ protests and is ‘completely behind’ the campaign.

“I think any stage is the right stage, from a protester’s point of view,” Vince told talkSPORT.

“What you’re looking to do is bring attention to the issue and also bring some disruption because if you don’t shake the ‘life as usual’ mentality, then you don’t get people thinking about these bigger issues that need dealing with.”

He added: “I had a chat a few weeks ago with the people that founded this, they live in Stroud, and they reached out and said, ‘We’ve started a new campaign, will you help us with a bit of cash?’

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