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Children Are Struggling With the Basics Because of Lockdowns, Says Ofsted Report

A recent report by Ofsted on the impact of lockdown on children suggests children came back after months in isolation more anxious about socialising, more attached to technology and behind on the most basic educational and life skills. Michael Curzon in the Express has more.

The report found children are struggling more than ever to carry out the most basic tasks. It said: “More children needed help putting on their coat and blowing their nose… An increasing number of providers were concerned that fewer children have learned to use the toilet independently.”

Ofsted suggested because of these deficiencies, more children may not be ready for school by the age of four.

It raised further concerns over obesity and dental health.

A teacher trainer working in a north London primary school told she had noticed similar traits among her pupils. She said: “In Year Five [ages nine to 10] so many children don’t know how to tie their laces. It’s always worth remembering their last full year of school was Year Two [when they were aged six to seven]. Everything is impacted.”

Citing another example of a basic, important skill lacked by many of her pupils, the teacher trainer added: “They don’t know how to tell the time as it’s always taught towards the end of terms two, so the last time they were taught it in person [at school] was Year Two.”

She added home teaching, which often took place over Zoom, was not sufficient for teaching such skills because “the only way you can learn time is by physically practising making times on a clock in front of you”.

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