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US-NATO Goes Global: NATO Declares Its Intent to Include All Countries. Conquer and Control the Entire World?

When a military alliance that is headed by the world’s most powerful country (America) makes public that it is hostile against (aiming to control) both of the other two most powerful countries (Russia and China), then it actually exists in order to conquer (include), ultimately, ALL countries, and to replace the United Nations — the current authoritative source of international law[1].

What this implies is to replace the U.N. and its authorized agencies, by the U.S.-proposed “rules-based international order,” whose “rules” come not from FDR’s envisioned U.N., but instead come from the post-WW-II Deep State or Military-Industrial Complex, the billionaires who control the armaments and global extraction and media firms and the U.S. Government itself, which latter Government will become imposed upon the world (all countries except America) by the world’s most powerful country (America), which had created and leads that military alliance (NATO) and is now publicly aiming to conquer (control) the entire world.

This is what has actually just now happened. On April 6th, Al-Mayadeen Media Network, an independent Arab satellite news channel, bannered “NATO chief openly touts targeting China, cites Ukraine stance as excuse”, and reported that on April 5th, Jens Stoltenberg, NATO’s chief, said that (as they reported it):

NATO intends to deepen cooperation with its Asian allies responding to the impending “security challenge” coming from China, which refuses to condemn Russia’s military operation in Ukraine.

Speaking during a press conference on Tuesday, Stoltenberg announced that the alliance will be hosting foreign ministers from NATO states in addition to Finland, Sweden, Georgia and the European Union. Asia-Pacific partners were invited as well, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea. He said that the current “security crisis” has “global implications.”

The ministers will be discussing new strategic concepts regarding the war in Ukraine in addition to, for the first time, dealing with China’s “growing influence and coercive policies on the global stage which pose a systemic challenge to our security and to our democracies.”

“We see that China has been unwilling to condemn Russia’s aggression and has joined Moscow in questioning the right of nations to choose their own path,” said Stoltenberg. The NATO general urged the member states, mostly liberal democracies, to stand up against “authoritarian powers.”

According to Freedom House, an organization funded by Washington, 5 of 30 NATO members are not considered to be completely democratic: Turkey, Albania, Hungary, Montenegro and North Macedonia.

Stoltenberg hopes that there will be enhanced cooperation between NATO and Asia-Pacific partners on “arms control, cyber, hybrid and technology.”

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