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Here we go … Cult-owned Johnson admits ‘Covid’ lockdowns are STILL on the cards: PM ‘can’t rule out’ stay-at-home restrictions in future – despite promising the route back to normality was ‘irreversible’

Boris Johnson has admitted he ‘can’t rule out’ plunging the UK into a Covid lockdown again in the future, despite only just releasing the nation from two years of crippling on-off restrictions.

The Prime Minister previously promised the route back to normality was ‘irreversible’, seemingly consigning draconian stay-at-home orders to history.

But the PM has now said it would be ‘irresponsible’ for the Government not to keep a blanket shutdown in its virus-fighting playbook. He added: ‘I’m not going to take any options off the table.’

In an interview with GB News set to be aired tomorrow, Mr Johnson added: ‘I want to avoid any such thing ever happening again.’

However, he insisted any decision on bringing back curbs must get the balance right between prioritising public health and saving lives.

Covid cases have soared to pandemic highs in England, despite official tallies having plunged over the past week because of No10’s decision to axe the £2billion-a-month mass-swabbing regime.

Respected surveillance data — which isn’t based on people coming forward for tests — estimates one in 12 people were infected at the end of March.

Daily hospital admissions are currently on par with Omicron’s January peak, although thousands of virus patients aren’t primarily ill with the virus.

Omicron’s milder nature and sky-high immunity rates, from the UK’s historic vaccine drive and repeated waves over the past two years, have drastically blunted the threat the virus poses. Government data suggests it is now no deadlier than the flu.

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