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Cooling Tower

The cooling tower is a system for cooling water, mostly a considerable amount, with the help of a directed air flow. The system is needed in production, during the technological and chemical process, as well as for the water condenser. Cooling tower systems help to increase the percentage of system capacity, while saving on electricity and water costs. Cooling water dissipates a significant amount of heat from industrial equipment using atmospheric air. This makes them indispensable in oil refineries, chemical and other enterprises, thermal and nuclear power plants, in building cooling systems.

Cooling towers of medium and small capacity can have a very diverse shape cylindrical, truncated cones or in the form of a truncated polyhedral pyramid. Commercial cooling towers are usually made in the form of shells of a hyperbolic shape, which is optimal in terms of internal aerodynamics and stability and which is used by Baikal Mechanical. What types of cooling towers are there? The most famous types are:

  • closed cooling tower;
  • open cooling tower;
  • fan;
  • hybrid;
  • dry.

The cooling process in an open-type cooling tower occurs due to the partial evaporation of water and heat exchange with air. The water circulating inside the system enters the storage tank, after which it is sent to the sprinklers through the main and secondary distribution lines.


The operation of a closed-type cooling tower system is based on the indirect contact of two media. Heat exchange occurs due to atmospheric air blowing the structure of the heat exchanger, which is represented by finned tubes made of aluminum or copper.

They are also divided according to the type of work both in the air, namely its air conditioning, or for work in industrial production. 


For both types of industrial cooling tower, there is a clear line on the temperature of the cooled water if up to 90 degrees Celsius, then the system is used exclusively in production. They use a huge amount of water to cool technical components. From the exchange of temperature, the water accordingly heats up from the incandescence of the units. And since the water flows according to the principle of a closed circuit, that is, it returns to the cooling of components and assemblies, the water must be allowed to cool.


What is the Working Principle of the Cooling Tower System?


Industrial cooling towers remove heat from the water cooling systems to the atmosphere, and then hot water is cycled into the cooling tower along the heat exchange surface. Some of the water evaporates due to the heating of water through the filler. With the help of evaporation, excess heat in the remaining water disappears and, with a closed principle, returns to the heat absorption system.


HVAC cooling towers exist at a number of companies, Baikal Mechanical is such a company. The basic principle of operation of such commercial systems, which includes heating, ventilation services, is to establish support for a favorable microclimate. And since the climate includes all the thermoregulation and the air filter, the main control lists are the air temperature and its ventilation. At the same time, it does not matter what exactly is used in the production of hot steam or cooling, the system primarily circulates the flow of incoming air itself.


When choosing commercial cooling towers, you need to pay attention to the materials of which the cooling towers are made, for example, concrete or metal, fiberglass. The last ones do not work well in a humid and cold climate. Baikal Mechanicals is a leader in HVAC cooling towers support and installation services for commercial cooling towers, private and public. A special solution is used in development, with the best approach to each client. Absolutely all the details of the place and installation conditions are analyzed.


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