Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 30 March 2022

Health Minister Fears Wave of Un-Fake-Vaccinated Ukrainian Refugees Entering Germany. They will be the healthy ones, then

Federal health minister Karl Lauterbach has expressed fears about a wave of unvaccinated Ukrainian refugees entering Germany.

Lauterbach joined other public officials in voicing concern over “huge vaccination gaps” amongst Ukrainians.

Only around 35 per cent of Ukrainians have had a COVID-19 jab and many were given the Chinese Sinovac version, which isn’t recognized in Germany.

“We will talk about how we can provide health care to the people who have fled to us from Ukraine,” Lauterbach told public broadcaster ZDF. “This includes the Vaccination.”

“We will look at what role vaccination centres can play in this,” he added.

Lauterbach’s suggestion that vaccination may become a condition of providing asylum would correlate with his previous support for mandatory vaccinations for Germans.

“We now have to vaccinate the children, but also the adults, very quickly,” he said. “And we are working hard on that.”

Part of the concerns appear to relate to the agenda to force a mandatory vax on Germans, a process that would possibly be derailed by a large influx of unjabbed Ukrainians.


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