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Answers to the most asked questions regarding hot storage cryptocurrency wallet!

The cryptocurrency wallets you have access to in mobile phones, computers and laptops fall under the category of hot storage. Hot storage is correspondingly popular as a web-based wallet. 

There is a difference between cloud wallets and hot wallets, as cloud wallets are generally structured in the form of a website. People consider hot wallets for storing digital currencies because they are straightforward. Visit the Bitcoin website if you want to know if it is a legit investment. If you compare cold the ease of use of cold storage with a hot storage wallet, hot storage, or online wallets always top the table. 

There is a misconception amongst emerging cryptocurrency traders and investors that a hot wallet is nearly similar to an analogue wallet. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions regarding a hot wallet for people confused between cold storage and hot storage. So let’s have a deep dive into this wallet type so you can figure out which type of wallet is more appropriate based upon your recruitments.   

What are the Advantages of Hot Storage?

  • Stability is the most crucial factor when it comes to cryptocurrencies. No matter what a network user is doing with his digital currency, he will be running into much less security vulnerabilities such as hacking, loss or even theft.
  • Another thing that people need to understand is that cryptocurrency wallets remain connected to the internet and can be hacked anytime. Therefore, keeping an eye on users’ internet activity is highly essential. That makes hot storage incredibly secure and safe.
  • During transactions, people prefer cold storage since a wallet comes with paper copies and not online connections, which means that it can be used offline whenever there is a need for such type of activities. On the other hand, offline wallets are more secure and less prone to hacking and loss.
  • Internet connection is also why users prefer hot wallets rather than cold wallets, especially when moving Bitcoins from and to a digital currency exchange. In addition, hot wallets can store other cryptocurrencies like dash or litecoin or any other digital currency.

Can Hackers Attack Hot Cryptocurrency Wallets?

Hot cryptocurrency wallets nowadays come up with optimal security measures. The concept of multi-sig and custodian wallets in this category have reduced the risks of hacks and thefts. However, in hot storage, digital currency assets are still prone to stealing and hacking by bad actors. In hot wallets, the possibility of such events is high because if a hacker can somehow get access to your mobile or computer, they can hack your cryptocurrency wallet. 

That is why experts always advise taking the best security measures while storing assets in a hot wallet. These optimal security measures include not storing any photograph of a hot wallet’s private key in a digital device connected to the internet. 

Second, you should prohibit downloading applications from anywhere except an operating system’s official application store. For example, in android devices, it is safe to download applications from the play store and not from anywhere else.   

Is a cold Cryptocurrency wallet better than a hot one?

Cold cryptocurrency wallets and hot storage hold one key difference: internet connectivity. Unfortunately, cold wallets do not support internet connection, and this accounts as a significant factor behind immense security. 

In terms of security, cold storage is more efficient than a hot cryptocurrency wallet, but in terms of other features present in an e-wallet, hot storage always tops the table. However, if you are a long term investor, cold storage can be a better option for you. 

Which Hot Wallets Are Best?

Some trusted hot wallets have maintained their decorum and credibility over the past years. Few famous hot wallets are Mycelium, Exodus, Coinbase cryptocurrency wallets and Electrum. Mycelium correspondingly supports the feature of cold storage and comes up with cross-platform compatibility. 

Electrum is a dedicated BTC wallet, and the hashing algorithm present on this wallet is securing hashing algorithm 256. Although Coinbase wallets are usually of the custodian type to reduce the risks, authorities of this exchange do not provide private keys to the user. 

The above-listed portion answers the frequently asked questions regarding a cryptocurrency hot wallet.   


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