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China Locks Down City of 4.5 Million ‘Due to Worsening ‘Covid’ Outbreak – Déjà vu

After the Chinese regime locked down a provincial capital of 4.5 million due to the worsening COVID-19 outbreak, locals have questioned whether such measures can be effective in containing the virus and have blamed health workers’ for causing cross-infection.

Changchun, the provincial capital of China’s northeastern Jilin Province that has been hit hard by this round of COVID-19 outbreak, has been put under total lockdown since March 20 in order to achieve the Chinese regime’s goal of being “COVID free” in three days.

Since Jilin is also an industrial hub and has many factories making cars, experts believe this new round of lockdown will further disrupt the global automobile industry already struggling with pandemic-caused supply chain backlogs.

According to the Chinese regime’s National Health Commission, 2,027 new confirmed cases were reported on March 20, of which Jilin Province had the most cases, with 1,542 newly diagnosed cases, including 1,079 in Changchun and 452 in Jilin city. So far, the total number of confirmed cases in Jilin Province has exceeded 10,000.

Due to the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) practice of suppressing information that harms the image of the regime, its information official figures have been questioned by many as being severe underreports of the actual number.

On March 19, Jilin provincial authorities announced that in Changchun, a city with 4.5 million residents, it would carry out a “clearance” operation to conduct a 3-day city-wide nucleic acid test, locking down all residential communities and shutting down traffic. It’s a move following the Chinese regime Vice Premier Sun Chunlan’s visit to the city on March 14, during which she demanded that “dynamic clearing of COVID-19” be realized as soon as possible.

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