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Graphic Design Project Ideas to Jumpstart Your Creativity

Creating the perfect graphic design portfolio is crucial for designers everywhere around the world. No matter if you’re working as a freelancer, or you are a full-time office employee, a smooth and organized graphic design portfolio is essential! Show off your skills and goals as a designer in your portfolio, and you may have your designs viewed by potential clients. The key is to select which ones to include in your portfolio carefully. You’ll want to share the diversity of your work.

Another essential thing to do is consider your specialties to take your strengths through your portfolio. Aside from all of this, your portfolio must show your capability as a designer. To burn out your creativity and bump-start your career as a graphic designer, let’s see the following key graphic design practice project ideas that will make you excited to tackle your next creative adventure. 

What does a graphic designer do?

Graphic design is a style of artwork computer generated. It can use typography, shape, and texture to send a message. In some cases, the message sent might be more marketing-related. Graphic designers usually have to consider human experience. For example, when designing a website, understanding how a user navigates on it is crucial. In other cases, creating a graphic logo demands less focus on functionality and more on passion. 

Packaging Graphic Design

Each product release has a packaging graphic associated with it. Whether it’s the label, the box that comes in, the packing slip, packaging graphic design is here to stay, especially in this modern society. With graphic design, not only do you have to think about packaging, but you also consider what message it sends to the client. 

Pop Culture Inspiration

When creating a cover for a magazine, designers find unforeseen inspiration in classic films. Themes like Paris, New York, and Tokyo are represented by known creatures like Godzilla (Tokyo) King Kong (New York). Taking your cover in a fun direction is a move that will make a magazine stand out from the crowd. Pop culture positions like these are instantly recognizable, also adding an element of happiness and playfulness to a design concept. 

Creative Coloring Book

Many designers have online portfolios full of playful projects; for example, if you like colors and playful styles, you can jumpstart your creativity by creating a coloring book. You can let your design skills exceed the limits, from jewelry to ceramics and cartoon characters. Including such projects in your online portfolio showcases that you are able to come up with solid ideas and that you can think outside the box. Design projects don’t have to be serious – creating something kids-related is a perfect way to show your skills and creativity. Comic drawings for toys can be a great example of your playful design expertise. 

Unique Printed Book

If you have skills with copywriting, branding, photography, videography, and more, then adding a printed project to your online packaging design is a great way to show your product design services. For example, you can create a physical guidebook to add variety and consistency to your online portfolio. Above all things people want to achieve in their lives, perhaps writing a book is in their top ten. Write your story and print it – it’s an extremely friendly solution that graphic designers adopt for their portfolios. 

Invitation Postcards

It’s a perfect project for your design portfolio. Think about it: there are thousands of people who want to celebrate their birthdays and other significant events in their lives. For example, a wedding requires an invitation, which nowadays can be printed, or it could be sent digitally. With a graphic designer’s help, you can access popular, premium themes and design the best project. 

Food Menu 

Now, this is a common thing for graphic designers. Creating a concept for a food menu will always test your ability to develop ideas to incorporate your creativity into your design. Thus, creating a restaurant’s food menu is a great way to enhance your credentials. To design an impeccable menu, you must consider every detail, from the photography, images, and typography, everything must be precise. But make sure that these are consistent with the branding. All elements must fit the client’s needs perfectly. So, in this case, you must focus on creating a logo for the food menu that is easily readable by people, the color palette must match the restaurant’s name, and all the artwork must be accurate.

Build a Durable Brand Your Clients Desire

A brand is the heart of a company; it is not just about choosing a logo or the perfect name. The right brand is about products designed to change how people think about your business. Your logo is a significant element in learning how to start a business. Your logo must be innovative, as it’s the first thing your customers will see. An excellent logo should be easily understandable. The best way to make sure your logo has a significant impact is to work with professional graphic designers who understand your visual spirit. A good designer can take you through different kinds of logos, like brand elements, letter marks, wordmarks, icons, mascot logos, combination marks, and so on.

Getting a creative design is simple and guaranteed! Two dashes of realism that all people adore! 


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