Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 22 March 2022

Video: Former CIA Officer Slams ‘Laptop From Hell’ Coverup, Media ‘Fuckery’

A former CIA covert operations officer has slammed the media coverup of the Hunter Biden laptop story, noting that no one in the media, government or intelligence community has apologised or taken responsibility for claiming the story was a ‘Russian plant’.

Joe Rogan and his guest Mike Baker discussed the development as it was revealed last week by the New York Times that the details of the story were real, despite ‘fact checkers’ perviously labelling it a hoax.

“They don’t just love a good story. They love a narrative, and they’re willing to ignore facts to push that narrative. That’s what scares me,” Rogan said of the media, adding “I think it’s safe to say that some f*ckery is afoot.”

“There’s a dynamic here,” Baker added, noting “I love this topic, in a sense, not so much because of whatever the f*ck Hunter was up to, but in part, because now when you look at the liberal Dems and the progressives, it doesn’t matter to them.”

“If you read some of the narrative that’s out there now, the social media in the past day or so, ever since The New York Times came out with this, they’re just dismissive of it. They don’t care, or they’re willing to overlook it,” the former CIA man further explained, adding “Which is the same thing they accuse the right of doing.”

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