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Description Of The Memory Palace Technique

Over the past few years, the world community has been actively discussing the possibility of creating a memory palace. Today you can easily find adherents of this idea and those who say that this is just fiction. You can check this relatively simple way – try to master it yourself. Practice shows that with regular training, you can notice how your memory will improve in a few weeks.

What Is A Mind Palace?

It is a kind of virtual implant that a person builds inside his consciousness, where he stores the information necessary for remembering. The Mind Palace Technique was first mentioned in Ancient Greece. Then the thinkers had the need to memorize large amounts of data, but there was no way to write it down; as a result, people tried to find the best way to improve the state of their memory and, ideally, learn to control it. Memory palace became such a solution.

For centuries, this technique has been forgotten and is only starting to come back again. The considerable interest in this technique today is due to the release of the top-rated series Sherlock, which tells about a consulting detective who makes extensive use of the palaces of the mind and knows how to manage memory. Millions of people worldwide dream of having Sherlock’s mind palace. Today, innovative methods have already been developed that help everyone who wants to master the mind palace technique.

Don’t know what is a mind palace? In their mind, people draw some room with furniture, preferably if it is something familiar to them, where they can put information. Later, they will retrieve this information when they need it and discard it when it is no longer required.

How Can You Build A Memory Palace?

The most efficient way is to use the memoryOS mobile app. It has proven its effectiveness and confirmed that everyone has the opportunity to master this technique.

Among the main advantages of this game app is:

  • 3D models;
  • Interactive learning;
  • Helps you retrieve needed memories faster and easier;
  • Helps to improve the state of memory and brain function.

To create a memory palace, you need to exercise regularly for 20-30 minutes a day. It is vital that training takes place when you are as calm and focused as possible. If you are distracted, then there will be no result from exercise. In addition, you should not expect a quick result if you skip workouts.

f you want to get results faster, you can do small workouts to improve your memory. Among the most simple and obvious are:

  • Learn poems by heart;
  • Learn phone numbers;
  • Remember car numbers;
  • Solve crosswords;
  • Solve puzzles.

In addition, to build a memory palace, it is worth reading more fiction and developing imaginative thinking. To do this, you can look at beautiful pictures, walk more in the fresh air, and travel.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Mind Palace?

If you want to improve your ability to memorization large amounts of information, you need to be patient. The fact is that the speed of creating a memory palace depends on factors such as:

  • Initial memory state;
  • Age of the person;
  • The diligence of training;
  • The way of life that a person leads.

If you stop drinking alcohol, sleep more than 8 hours a day, and train every day without skipping, you will be able to notice an excellent result in a few weeks. The first workouts can be done before bedtime when the person’s imagination is working better than usual, and you can imagine the castle you want to build in more detail.


Anyone who dreams of having the same excellent memory as Sherlock Holmes, there is such an opportunity today. The memoryOS mobile app will be a perfect solution for you because it has an excellent interface and proven effectiveness.


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