Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 13 March 2022

Dr Vernon Coleman: It’s time to arrest the guilty ‘doctors’ who gave the ‘Covid-19’ fake vaccines

Now that even some of the mainstream media is reporting the fact that the covid-19 jabs are deadly, that they caused around 150 potentially serious side effects and that they have killed umpteen thousands of people, it is worth looking hard at the doctors who gave the jabs.

Most of those doctors gave the jabs without properly explaining the hazards and without properly following the patients who were, after all, taking part in an experiment.

Doctors have a long, sad history of performing experiments on patients. During World War II, the Pentagon tested mustard gas on American soldiers and in the 1960s, Agent Orange was tested on prisoners.

But in recent decades, even the American military have taken much greater care when testing new products.

For example, during the Serbian conflict in the 1990s, the Pentagon obtained FDA permission before offering troops an experimental vaccine against tick borne encephalitis. Only soldiers who wanted the vaccine were given it.

Every new vaccine that has been produced has been tested (though usually not adequately) and the individuals taking part in the tests have always been informed of the possible side effects – and told that they were taking part in an experiment.

All that changed with the covid-19 jabs.

These jabs were, and still are, experimental.

Patients should have been warned that the jabs were experimental and warned of all the possible side effects.

The dangers of the covid 19 jabs were well documented in 2020. I made several videos in which I explained just what the risks were. I listed myocarditis and blood problems as definite risks.

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