Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 10 March 2022

There are consistent Disparities between Manufacturers’ Claims and Actual Performance of ‘Covid’ Tests, says UKHSA. You don’t say? Surely not?

Buried in a 110-page impact assessment (“IA”) titled ‘Validating Covid-19 Tests in the Private Market’, the UK Health Security Agency (“UKHSA”) admitted the quality of Covid tests used in the UK is poor. 

It is not a health impact assessment.  It is a report to estimate the economic impact if health authorities were to validate whether Covid test kits meet quality standards.

From the outset these unvalidated poor-quality tests have been used to underpin the Government’s “pandemic” response.  Anyone who died within, initially 60 days and then later, 28 days of a positive test was labelled as a Covid death.  These deaths were then used to ramp up the fear of a deadly virus in the public’s psyche in order to shut down businesses, schools and to restrict and control almost every aspect of life.

Only now, after years of immense damage and harm, do public health authorities recognise that they should have been, at the very least, validating the accuracy of these tests rather than simply rely on claims made by suppliers, as “there are consistent disparities between manufacturers’ claims and the actual performance of Covid tests, even for well-performing tests.”

“To address the problem, the Government has chosen to implement the policy [see Option 1 below] in 2 stages. The Government took steps to introduce legislation (on 28 July 2021), which introduced a mandatory requirement for antigen and molecular Covid-19 detection test products to undergo a ‘desktop review’ before being permitted for sale on the UK market. This next iteration of the Impact Assessment has been developed in advance of implementing a second stage of mandatory ‘laboratory validation’, which will introduce further scrutiny of Covid-19 test products, in addition to the ‘desktop review’ stage.” – UKHSA, Validating COVID-19 tests in the private market, para. 4

So not only for more than a year, prior to July 2021, did the UK public health authorities not even conduct a “desktop review” of the medical products being widely enforced on the population – of all ages and at their direction – but for almost two years they have not validated the quality and, so it follows, the safety of routinely used Covid tests.

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