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Does Pfizer’s Latest SEC Filing Signal the Drugmaker Is Worried About ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccine Lawsuits?

Thanks to my brilliant colleague Joel Smalley, some answers have come as to what an email I received entails.

It is really hard to know exactly what is going on without some excellent background (which I admittedly do not have in the finance arena) and this is why I love collaboration and all of my new friends.

I will quote Joel verbatim.

“Companies can have all kinds of capital, ranging from ordinary equity (common stock) to senior secured bonds (debt). They can all be listed on exchanges (not just equity that most people are familiar with — ‘shares’). But you are probably also familiar with the term ‘stocks and shares’?

“‘Stock’ can refer to other capital classes, like ‘loan stock,’ i.e., debt — ‘corporate bonds.’ The security that is referenced in the document you shared has a ‘coupon,’ an interest rate (0.25%) and a redemption date (2022).

“This means it is some sort of loan stock. It has matured so there is no need to keep it listed on the exchange! There seems to be nothing out of the ordinary here IMO.

“There’s no way they could simply apply to have their common stock (equity/shares) delisted from the exchange like that. They would first have to buy them all back or call an extraordinary meeting to get shareholders to agree to the delisting.

“And even then, this would not cause the company to cease to exist. It would simply mean that its shares no longer trade on an exchange.

“To cause the company to cease to exist is a winding-up process which would take months and a whole lot more paperwork than a form!”

Thank you, Joel. I know very little about this kind of thing and have learned a lot since posting this.

I looked up the CFR citation they checked off — 17 CFR § 240.12d2-2 — which refers to securities that become part of “evidence” or fall under a “court order.”

This comes just as the second batch of Pfizer’s clinical trial documents were released late last week, through the court case filed by Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency in September 2021.

And just as people reviewing those documents have learned more about what corporate Pfizer knew about the bioaccumulation, pharmacokinetics and toxicity of its mRNA products, and when it knew those things.

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