Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 10 March 2022

Despite fuel price devastation for the poor … Extinction Rebellion announces plans to block major UK oil refineries: Eco-mob will stage mass protests at sites in April and attempt to bring London to a standstill AGAIN

Extinction Rebellion looks set to heap yet more misery on the British public by today announcing plans to block major UK oil refineries and attempt to bring London to a standstill once again.

The campaign group said it intends to ‘stop the harm at the source’ as part of its campaign to force the Government to stop the fossil fuel economy. They’ll be joined by Just Stop Oil and a number of other groups, who are yet to be confirmed.

From April 9, it will then ‘flood’ the capital with activists and ‘create the most roadblocks we ever have’, with the eco mob vowing to be ‘disruptive and impossible to ignore’.

The action coincides with the price of a barrel of oil hitting $125, as Britain joined the US in boycotting supplies from Russia in a bid to halt the $100billion in fossil fuel revenues believed to be flowing to the Kremlin every month.

Today the RAC Foundation warned petrol prices could rise to an average of £1.60 a litre this week in the UK and £1.65 soon – but some petrol stations are already charging £1.89 a litre with £2 expected in days.

Extinction Rebellion’s announcement this morning will also be grim news for Londoners braced for yet more transport chaos after previous protests caused massive disruption.

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