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7 travel hacks that will save you money (or time)!

If money weren’t an issue, you’d probably fly all over the world, right? You would cross off every continent, every country and every capital. It’s such a lovely thought… But in reality, unfortunately money often plays a role. There is no other option than to save for every great trip, but there are a number of hacks that will help you with that. We tell you the 7 hacks that will save you money (and time).

1. Book your tickets on Tuesday

The best time to book your airline tickets is on a Tuesday. The reason for this is that airline promotions often start on Mondays. Competitors then capitalize on this, so that prices are most favorable on Tuesday. It doesn’t always work, but it’s definitely worth checking.


It is better not to book on Monday or Friday. These days the airline tickets are often more expensive.

2. Book up to 6 weeks in advance

Booking a plane ticket at the last minute sounds very tempting. But this is always a gamble and is therefore not the smartest option. It therefore seems that it is best to book a maximum of 6 weeks in advance.


Most airlines offer their first prices around 10 months in advance. It’s possible that not all airlines have set their prices yet, and this has an effect on the competition. Because the more prices are known, the more competition there is. It is therefore best to book about 4 to 6 months in advance.

3. Use a VPN and Incognito Mode

Airlines naturally use many techniques to convince their users. For example, conversion optimization (conversieoptimalisatie) is used to offer you the best user experience, but there is also a lot of advertising in Google, Instagram and LinkedIn (LinkedIn adverteren).


What is also measured (by cookies) is how often you check the prices of a particular flight on the website. And the more often you do this, the higher those prices get. Our tip is therefore to always book in incognito mode. It can also help to book with a VPN and set up this connection from another country. Booking from another country can be a lot cheaper. It seems that booking from Romania makes a big difference…

4. Depart and fly back on a Wednesday

It is most economical to fly on a Wednesday. Both depart and return. This can still differ per destination, but many studies have been done in which Wednesday still comes out as the most advantageous.

5. Departure before 8 am

The destination also seems to have an influence on this, but flights that depart before 8 A.M. are often cheaper than later in the day. This is probably because people don’t want to leave home too early.


Another advantage of flying early in the morning is that these flights are less likely to be delayed. This in turn has to do with the fact that the flights are not dependent on a plane that has yet to arrive or the large crowds at airports.

6. Buy a local SIM card

Nowadays you can access the internet pretty much anywhere in the world. But, it’s still possible that your subscription only counts in one country or in a few countries (such as the entirety of Europe). Now you can turn on a ‘world’ bundle with your provider, which ensures that you can use the internet, call and text more cheaply, but that can still be quite pricey. It is usually a lot cheaper to buy a local SIM card. This is because you pay the local rate.


In any case, make sure your 4G isn’t on while you’re abroad, because then you pay per MB minute or SMS. And these costs add up quickly.

7. Mark your suitcase as ‘fragile’

This last tip will not necessarily save you money, but it will save you time! It will probably sound familiar to you that suitcases are thrown around. You will therefore not be the first to suddenly find a wheel missing or a big dent in the suitcase. Therefore, mark your suitcase as ‘fragile’. You can indicate this at a check-in kiosk or by sticking a ‘Fragile’ sticker on your suitcase.


And this is not only useful for the look of your suitcase… It also saves time, because fragile suitcases are often the first to be unloaded from the plane!


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