Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 7 March 2022

Is It Safe To Protest In Our Country Anymore? An Ordinary Person’s Reaction To Ardern’s Speech About The Protesters

Ardern’s dehumanising them and claiming they are not kiwis was all she spoke of in her description of this event on Wednesday. She claimed the violence was of their making, violence so disgusting she said with apparent passion – she had “no words for it”. As she said this, she emphatically nodded her head as if she imagined she had agreement already for the supposed profound truth she was expressing. But that is her own assumption and likely not what the majority believe. For sure, what she continued to say was a walloping overkill as described by those who actually saw it. Live feeds throughout the day by many speak to deeper truths.

She mentioned that they did not go in earlier ‘because children where there.’ And yet – she could have stopped this on day one if compassion and leadership were actually a high priority for her. The hypocrisy hits the heart powerfully because this is not the NZ way. It is not the NZ way to put kiwis down in order to carry on her own agenda without talking with them. She is supposed to serve us all not deride those who merely point out how much suffering mandates have caused to a huge number of people. The urgency of dropping these mandates was clear in the context that mandates are no longer necessary in our current situation and current knowledge. Everyone can get and spread the virus despite vaccination – so it makes nonsense of the whole strategy. We have also moved away from the pandemic stage of the most dangerous strand of Covid 19 to a very mild Covid 22 one. Overkill, and being in a time warp are very normal conclusions to make right now. It doesn’t require much intelligence to get that, especially when it is the trend to drop mandates all over the world.

People do protest when they are not responded to on urgent matters. Its normal in a democracy. To be responded and listened to is a fundamental right. And if anyone has acted unlawfully I have to say to Ardern that the finger points backwards even more clearly now because of these peaceful protesters being falsely labelled violent with crazy ideas. Even during the protests – the mandates for the police and defence force have been declared illegal in the courts. No mention of that by Ardern in light of the mandates being the whole purpose of this protest. I wonder why?

Instead in her speech, she focused on condemning these people as dangerous conspiracy theorists aiming to divide and hurt this country. She focused also that the police were “brave ” because of the violence shown to them – an extraordinary bias when the live feeds were not viewed by her yet – except from one’s mainstream media may have supplied.

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