Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 4 March 2022

Let’s Face It: The Human Race Is Stark Raving Nuts

For over two years our third planet from the Sun has been in the grip of a mass hysteria called COVID-19. This death cult created by a small cabal of psychotic billionaires and corporate elites has deceived most of the world into believing that a virus discovered in Wuhan, China has caused a global pandemic that forced governments to crash economies with lockdowns, impose unhealthy and useless rituals on their populations, such as masks and social distancing, along with unnecessary vaccines that aren’t conventional vaccines, don’t prevent COVID-19 infection or transmission, and have turned out to be toxic and deadly. Never mind that no one seems to have samples of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that supposedly causes COVID-19 nor any of its variants. Never mind that none of the diagnostic tests, PCR, rapid antigen, etc., were developed using an actual virus, don’t look for actual viruses, and can generate huge amounts of false positives. But pay no attention to the facts—just blindly believe and obey. And most of all: be afraid—be very afraid.

But is such a global deception possible? Is it possible to fool the entire world?  According to the Bible it is. Revelation 12:9 says that the devil deceives the whole world; II Corinthians 4:4 calls Satan “the god of this world;” in Luke 4: 5-7 the devil takes Jesus up to a high mountain, shows him all the kingdoms of the world, declares they are his to give to whoever he wishes, and that he will give them to Jesus if he will worship him. Jesus rejects the offer, but never disputes the Devil’s claim of ownership.

I’m spiritual, but not religious. As a pantheist,  I don’t see God as a being in the sky with a personality. But I do believe in the power of evil which many envision as Satan just as I believe in the power of good which most people call God. But I see these as energies rather than entities. Or to use the sci-fi lingo in Star Wars, “The Force” (God) and the “The Dark Side” (Satan). Both of these energies exist inside and outside of us and which is stronger in our lives and in the world depends on the choices that we make individually and collectively.

There are different degrees of delusion. I personally think that we are all mildly delusional to some extent which isn’t really harmful. But when someone starts to deny objective reality, and professes things that are blatantly untrue they can then go anywhere from really off-the-wall to batshit crazy. People like this aren’t always dangerous, but they can really creep you out.

Example: from 2003-2015 I ran a coed support group in New York City. A few years into running it, a guy came in who was convinced that being circumcised as an infant caused him  irreparable trauma and that any circumcised man who had intercourse with a woman was raping her. He referred to his circumcision as “When I was cut.” He identified as bisexual, but hated woman and usually referred to them with the four letter C word. He wore a cowboy hat, high black leather boots with spurs, wore a padded vest, and carried a cattle prod. If he lived in an open carry state he probably would have been packing a gun. I saw him as a pathetic frightened man which is why he felt the need to wear protective gear. I tried to reason with him. I even pointed out that I was circumcised at age 20 and didn’t think this way. But nothing I said penetrated his fantasy world. All I could do was tell him to leave and never come back. As for my circumcision, it was for a medical reason and, trust me on this, IT HURT LIKE BLOODY HELL.

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