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Jeremy ‘I’m an idiot, but then you know that’ Vine sparks furious backlash after telling TV audience ‘young Russian soldiers deserve to die’

BBC and Channel 5 star Jeremy Vine has sparked shock after suggesting Russian soldiers fighting for Putin ‘probably deserve to die’.

The veteran broadcaster, 56, was speaking on his eponymous morning magazine show when he made the remark.

It was during a phone-in from a member of the public who identified themselves as Bill, from Manchester.

Bill told him: ‘Quite a number of those Russians you’ll probably find will go across. They were were holding their hands up this morning not wanting to fight Ukrainians.

‘They were told lies by Putin, surprise surprise.’

But it was then Jeremy told him: ‘True. But the brutal reality is, if you put on a uniform for Putin and you go and fight his war, you probably deserve to die, don’t you?’

Social media users rounded on him after the remarks yesterday morning.

They came on the day that a video of a Russian soldier breaking down in tears as he spoke to his mother on the phone after surrendering to Ukrainians went viral.

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