Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 4 March 2022

Is your country being led by a Psychopath?

The world is now being controlled by a bunch of conspirators – billionaires who are using a potent mixture of pharmaceutical companies, left wing extremists, greens and climate change cultists to push the world into an economic chaos.

Once they have destroyed the global economy, pushed up energy and food prices, created mass poverty and murdered a few hundred million people they will offer to save us all with a world government and a world controlled by digital passports.

The billionaires and the Bilderberger members are clearly psychopaths.

But what about the political leaders around the world – Biden, Trump, Johnson, Macron, Trudeau, Putin, Morrison, the wretched woman in New Zealand and the rest of them. Are they all psychopaths too?

Well, look at the evidence.

Psychopaths are exceptionally selfish, constant liars, manipulative, callous, grandiose and parasitic.

Psychopaths bully, they are never anxious, and they may be superficially likeable. (That’s how they got elected). They seem strong, calm and confident but they lack personal insight. They never show remorse.

Psychopaths are ruthless, manipulative and permanently dishonest. They are charming but they are remorseless in their dealings with others; they do things which normal people would regard as terrible. But they never feel guilty.

Throughout history psychopaths have always had an advantage when it comes to seeking high office. Today’s political party systems, with their emphasis on superficial likeability, and an endless capacity for lying and deceit, make it easier for psychopaths to reach the top.

Around the world a remarkably high proportion of Presidents and Prime Ministers end up in prison. That certainly suggests that they have criminal tendencies. I think they also show clear psychopathic tendencies.

Throughout history the possession of psychopathic traits has proved a useful passport to high office. Men and women who are unfettered by moral scruples, who are prepared to lie or cheat their way to the top and who will make promises they know they cannot keep have a huge advantage over those held back by notions of fair play. Leaders who are psychopaths have huge advantages over more democratically inclined leaders. The possession of psychopathic traits is actually advantageous to a political leader. They give him or her more degrees of freedom in his control and manipulating of those under him and most particularly in his dealings with potential enemies.

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