Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 3 March 2022

The Double Standard of Discriminating Based on Political and Personal Beliefs

Global events are showing just how far the rest of the world can boycott any politician, state, or even country solely because of their speech, action, and ideology. Fox News recently interviewed Skeeter Miller, the owner of County Line bar in Austin, Texas, who said that they banned Russian vodka and are seeking a Ukrainian replacement. The US and Europe have already sanctioned off Russian products and services. While the Conservative and Republican Parties have always advocated for citizen rights to conduct their business according to their personal beliefs, the world is now tip toeing on dangerous territory. The double standard is the very same people who are shunning Russia and everything related, were the same ones advocating for truckers’ rights to protest against the mask and vaccine mandates while bashing the Canadian government for freezing their bank accounts.

This is not the first time we’ve seen such rampant discrimination. When the COVID pandemic lock down occurred with mask mandates and vaccination, people were being denied to enter subways, restaurants, and even malls without adhering. People were and are still attacking each other due to differences of beliefs in vaccinations and mask effectiveness. Now, we’re seeing another great boycott against anything Russian even though vodka has nothing to do with Ukraine’s invasion, and the liberals who preached diversity are really just hypocrites. Nobody these days wants to tolerate others who are different. This baby like behavior of people, and how everyone just wants everybody to adopt the same beliefs, has set the planet on a course of one-world-ism.

There’s a popular saying, ‘it’s just business’.  It doesn’t just apply to those in the mafia or fortune five hundred companies, it goes for all transactions. Business is business, but if people are going to include a condition that you must hold a political position that is in agreement with their ideology, then it’s business only if you submit to their politics. This is not saying the Russian invasion of Ukraine is okay, but rather to point out how conflicts between two parties, whether being people, states, companies, or what have you, are now subject to the scrutiny of the whole world thanks to the digitized interconnection on earth.

When 9/11 happened and the war in the Middle East, countries around the world didn’t all of sudden start banning Muslims and Arab derived products. However, when gay marriage became legalized, Christian conservatives made a fuss about not wanting to make cakes with two grooms on top. They got their way to some extent, but are now criticizing, along with may others, Vladimir Putin’s actions. So now, Russian products and services are declared immoral and wrong. When the United States invaded Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan, other nations didn’t place sanctions like we’re seeing with Russia.

So when is this good guy bad guy charade going to end, are people going to soon be screened for their beliefs at every business and country, and denied service for not meeting expectations? Well, if you put yourself in the shoes of a fanatic, a customer or anyone for that matter, could be denied because:

  • they are neutral about Russia invading Ukraine
  • they’re Russian
  • they drink Russian vodka
  • they drink alcohol or smoke
  • they’re LGBTQ
  • they dye their hair
  • they have tattoos
  • they’re in the sex industry
  • they’re vegan
  • they’re a Yankee fan
  • they’re a democrat
  • they’re a republican
  • they voted for Trump
  • they’re Black
  • they’re White
  • they’re Muslim

…see where this is heading? Are we going to discriminate because people live different lifestyles and have beliefs counter to our own? Well it appears that’s where things are heading, and the only result of that is going to be more separation of people. Countries will become further divided.

If business can’t be left transactional and free from politics, then the day will come where a person will be banned from buying food and water at a grocery store, because of who they are and/or what they believe in. If society can’t put aside their politics to conduct normal operations, then we’re not a civilization. We’re intolerant of each other and want to force our opinions and views of how the world should work, and shun anyone who disagrees.

Businesses cannot operate if everyone must cater to politics, and if people, companies, and even cultures can be completely shunned from doing anything just because others don’t agree with their speech, beliefs, or actions, then war is inevitable.

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